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Customer cases
Trimco Group

“We have improved our branding and gained satisfied stakeholders with Lasernet”

Trimco wanted to efficiently manage and distribute business documents to meet the recipient’s requirements in terms of format, field and data placement, etc.

About Trimco

Trimco is one of the leading global suppliers of identity branding items for fashion brands, including hang tags, packaging solutions and store decorations.

The company employs 400 people globally. The group’s ERP system is Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

Professional branding in AX 2012

“When we send out an order or invoice, the document needs to signal high quality, just like our products do. So it needs to have a nice layout that shows that we are a quality-conscious company,” explains Ole Aggerholm, IT Director at Trimco.
“Unfortunately, this task is not solved in a sensible way by our ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. Instead, we use Lasernet to format and distribute e.g. invoices, bank statements, orders and picking slips so that they emphasize our brand exactly as we want it.”

Document management without limitations

Lasernet is also used to customize the content to the recipients’ wishes. “Our end customers, the factories, are located all over the world with very different requirements for how data should be included in an invoice, for example, and where data should be placed on paper.

The documents are tailored to fit the customers’ needs based on the customer map in Dynamics AX. For example, a customer in Turkey receives invoices in Turkish and with more data than what is standard because the authorities demand it.

This applies not only to the data fields, but also to the logo and any other illustrations that can be applied to the document. Most of the customization work with Lasernet is done by Tabellae because Trimco’s IT department hasn’t had the time. But you could easily do it yourself,” emphasizes Ole Aggerholm.

“We now have a great platform with Lasernet and the solution can be applied in so many cases”

Ole Aggerholm, IT director, Trimco


  • Effective branding
  • High quality documents
  • Easy distribution of documents
  • Easy customization to the way and format specified by the customer or business partner
  • Future-proof foundation for integrating even more self-service

To be used for more future projects

These output solutions are just the first step with Lasernet, says Lars Jakobsen; “We now have a great platform with Lasernet and have many new ideas. The solution can be used in so many cases, and the next project we are considering moving forward with is the automatic processing of invoices from our suppliers.”

Another project is a tight integration between AX 2012, Lasernet and Trimco’s B2C website, where more than 99% of all orders come in. Here, customers can now go in and see all their outstanding and paid invoices and get an updated statement. So the plans are many.

Great business partner

The collaboration has been very good, explains Ole Aggerholm. “We have had close contact with Tabellae and Formpipe. They know their product to the core, have always reacted immediately and have never had a bad excuse when something didn’t work. They are on their toes for their customers, just like we are, so we have a lot in common when it comes to customer relations.”