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Customer cases

Even for small businesses, document management software is good business

Even if you’re a small business, it’s worth investing in a comprehensive document management software. The paint specialist solved inventory management issues and gained a partner they can grow with.

About The Paint Specialist

Lakkspesialisten is a Norwegian trading company in paint products and repair parts for cars. The company has 55 employees across 1 head office and 4 branch offices.

End customers are typically paint shops that order goods, e.g. by email or fax. The company uses the ERP system Visma Business and generates around 500
documents daily.

Document management system for small businesses

In 2006, Lakkspesialisten went from one to 6 warehouses around Norway. Unfortunately, the expansion created challenges when customers ordered goods. The previous document management system could not handle when a purchase order contained items that were located in other locations.

Tabellae competitive on price

Andeas Mortensen, IT Manager at Lakkspesialisten, says: “We approached 4 different companies, and Tabellae was very good on both expertise and price. For example, a competing company was twice as expensive. Another company had a similar price level, but was Canadian, and Tabellae won on the basis of its local presence in the Nordic region. Many people can speak English, but in highly technical English, many fall short. It seemed closer both linguistically and culturally, and we felt that we would reach our goal more easily and quickly with Tabellae.”

“We approached 4 different companies. Tabellae was very good on price, expertise and also had the local presence in the Nordics.”

Andreas Mortensen, IT/HMS/KS, Lakkspesialisten


  • Competitive price
  • A partner who is like an extended arm to your business. expert knowledge
  • Get up and running quickly
  • Better inventory management
  • Efficient utilization of A4 space
  • Quick layout customizations
  • High uptime

Technically strong and service-minded

“We were visited by a consultant who helped us get started. From the start, we had a very good and constructive dialog directly with our contact person.

Tabellae takes ownership, and from the beginning they went out of their way to make sure we
get the most out of the system. They are technically very strong and contributed with professional knowledge and practical use of documents.

Our inventory management problem is solved, we have a better overview. Tabellae also gave us a lot of advice on how to develop and manage invoices and files in new ways. In this way, the investment has paid for itself very quickly.”

Andreas Mortensen is impressed by several things that he thinks others less
businesses can benefit from, among other things:

  • Traceability and increased searchability: PDF document archives make it easy to
    Find important documents – always.
  • More efficient use of A4 space. You can get more information
    both information that guides customers and brands the company
  • Layout customizations are made easy, avoiding costly consultants
  • Automation saves man hours and ensures high uptime. E.g. e-sending and backup printer solution

You can grow with the solution

Lasernet software is feature-rich, but also highly customizable. “You can start with selected functions and add more as you go along. With Tabellae, we have bought a ‘package’ that we don’t grow out of, but can grow with,” concludes Andreas Mortensen.