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“We can meet our customers’ digital demands”

Fleye is currently undergoing a major digital transformation. Increasing amounts of data and changing needs have meant that it’s no longer enough to be a leading design company. Being a leader in data accessibility has become a crucial competitive parameter, where large amounts of data must be received and delivered – with the right content and in the right formats. And Lasernet is an important part of the solution.

About Fleye

FLEYE Copenhagen is a Danish design company with a mission to create eyewear that combines hypoallergenic materials with comfort, durability and beautiful designs. The company was founded in 2002,
and the glasses are available at selected opticians in over 30 countries around the world. Fleye has been using Lasernet since 2008 – first in conjunction with Navision and later with Business Central.

Suppliers and customers make demands

With a focus on adapting to the ever-increasing demands of its customers, Fleye had to quickly change its method of sending documents such as product catalogs, delivery notes and invoices. It was not only crucial for day-to-day operations, but also an important part of developing the company’s relationships with customers. Lasernet was identified as the best solution for ERP documents, and Fleye’s CEO Jesper Mathiesen and CFO Mette Borgquist find that the company’s increasing digital demands are being met. When Fleye switched from Navision to Business Central in 2020, they had no doubt that Lasernet would be included in the new ERP system.

Personal documents

The document part of ERP systems runs, by default, surprisingly smoothly. Even small changes need to be coded, which can quickly become expensive in terms of third-party coding costs when you have many different customers, each with their own specific requirements. We avoid this with Lasernet, which is user-friendly and agile, and where we can do about 90% of the customizations ourselves,” says Mette Borgquist. “Lasernet has a number of graphical options, so we can streamline our documents with the company’s other expressions. In addition, we can personalize the documents so that they are adapted to each recipient’s wishes in terms of content, data exchange format (e.g. xml, EDI) and translation of fields,” she explains.

Examples of features:

  • German customers can get German-language documents thanks to good language versioning. This would not have been possible in the ERP system without extensive coding
  • Customized data for different customers
  • Design options where it is possible to insert campaign images, a personalized greeting, or icons for holidays
  • If a customer wants a CVR number. on the documents, we can customize it in minutes

“It’s crucial that we’re easy to do business with. With Lasernet, we appear more professional and adapt quickly to a changing market”

Mette Borgquist, CFO, FLEYE Copenhagen ApS


  • Customized documents that support brand identity
  • Personalized, customized documents
  • Easily meet customer requirements
  • Quick document changes that can be made in-house

Great collaboration

Working with Tabellae, Fleye feels heard and they experience a great willingness to help. If issues or anything mission-critical arise, the response is immediate, which is reassuring when dealing with large amounts of data on a daily basis and often with tight deadlines.

Digitalization continues

The switch from Navision to BC and the increased digitalization has so far saved Fleye two FTEs, and the positive digital journey continues. “With Lasernet, we appear more professional. We spend relatively little time getting customized documents and we look forward to using Lasernet in the future,” concludes Jesper Mathiesen.