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Customer cases

Live on time and budget – in just 3 months

Dometic is on a digitalization journey and they were looking for one solution for their many growing projects. It had to be stable, flexible, able to scale and work efficiently with EDI. Dometic received a Best Practice solution from Tabellae last hour, which has enabled them to scale in the future.

About Dometic

Dometic produces market-leading products for outdoor, home and professional use – with a mission to make sustainable and mobile living easy.
The company’s history dates back to 1922, but was established in 1968. Today, they employ around 7,000 people worldwide and sell through nearly 40,000 dealers and workshops in more than 100 countries.

The company uses Dynamics 365 FO.

Total solution for Output Management

Due to past experience, Dometic wanted a total solution for output management worldwide for their new projects with D365 FO, legacy systems like AX2012 and instances with D365 FO: “We had experience with another product for Dynamics. This solution would have been quite comprehensive, and
we had stability issues – so we were open to new opportunities to get the same solution everywhere”, says ERP Program Manager, Stefan Ridell.

Chosen for scalability and maturity

“One of the main reasons we chose Lasernet was the ability to scale the resource requirements by working closely with Tabellae during the implementation. With Lasernet from Tabellae, the stability is great, everything runs smoothly and we can easily add more customers with e-invoicing – it’s a great platform to grow with,” says Change and Release Manager, Marc Andre.

“License-wise, it’s also more appropriate for us because it’s more cost-effective to grow with. We also looked at Microsoft Configurable Business Documents because we were interested in using as much of the Microsoft standard as possible to have fewer platforms. We found that the product wasn’t mature enough, it required more resources and took longer to implement,” Stefan adds.

“Tabellae is a great partner with Lasernet as a good and stable platform to scale from. We hope and expect this to be a long-term strategic relationship.”

Marc Andre Schmick, Change And Release Manager, Dometic


  • Removed risks
  • Live on time and on budget with a very short timeframe
  • Avoids development
  • Avoids downtime
  • Easy quality control
  • Great collaboration

Eliminates deficiencies

To choose the right solution, Dometic analyzed their existing solution with Tabellae and identified gaps that have now been optimized:

  • No development: Dometic can easily add any fields the system has, including custom fields.
  • No downtime: The company avoids shutting down the system for small document changes.
  • Easy quality control: You can easily check quality in a detailed log, e.g. who sent the document, which rule was applied – at transaction level.

Removes risk

There are many risks associated with an ERP project, but they were completely removed from the project: “I was very nervous about this project. We decided to go with Lasernet very late, so we didn’t have much time. 4 weeks before go-live, we realized we had an extra requirement: e-invoicing. Tabellae reassured us and quickly added an extra resource – he saved us, which was very impressive,” says Stefan.

“It’s also a risk when someone gets sick. But that was never a problem because the replacement was up to speed very quickly. Tabellae completely removed the risks in a project; late requirements were just turned around within a modified timeframe, resources were added as needed, and the knowledge among the team was really strong,” says Marc Andre.

Proactive way of working

“The consultants worked very proactively. Whatever questions we asked, there was an answer ready. They not only solved the tasks we asked for, but they proactively suggested better alternatives to the solution. But what impressed me the most was the deep knowledge of D365 and their ability to recommend certain settings in the application that made our lives easier on the document side. The collaboration with Tabellae was just very smooth, responsive and proactive,” concludes Marc Andre.