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Customer cases
IC Group

“Seamless implementation with a nice hands-on approach”

IC Group’s impressive Warehouse Management System generates delivery notes and labels via Lasernet. Tabellae has integrated the solution and played a significant role in the extensive digitalization process.

About IC Group

IC Group is a Danish company that produces and sells fashion clothing from premium brands such as Peak Performance, Tiger of Sweden and By Malene Birger. The clothes are sold in over 40 countries. The company has approximately 5,500 dealers and around 150 own stores, shop-in-shops and outlets.

Efficient inventory management in Denmark

IC Group’s distribution center packs, picks and ships thousands of items every day. “If you want to keep stock in Denmark, you have to be efficient, and that requires volume,” says Application Specialist Logistics Bente Gøttrup Andersen.

Comprehensive digitalization process

She continues: “Over the last 6 years, we have streamlined processes and undergone a digitalization process that has evolved the warehouse from a manual paper warehouse, to a WMS system with voice picking and headsets, to today, where virtually all processes are automated. It has been crucial to optimally manage data exchange and processes between warehouse, order system and ERP system.”

“Collaboration has been seamless, specifications have been implemented quickly and we have completely avoided incidents afterwards”

Bente Gøttrup Andersen, Application Specialist Logistics, IC Group


  • ROI of only 3 years for the total solution (significantly shorter for Lasernet)
  • Good business case
  • Improved document quality with logos and barcodes, making it easier for customers to receive goods
  • Seamless collaboration with Tabellae
  • Specifications implemented at lightning speed
  • Hassle-free commissioning

Customer-facing documents

Logistics Consultant Søren Villemoes continues: “As part of our new sorting solution, we wanted more professional-looking documents. We also wanted to be able to integrate logos and barcodes on labels and invoices so that customers could be relieved in their goods receipt, navigate shipments more easily and find what they need”.

The next step is likely to be the addition of images, which will further strengthen both branding and customer communication.

Convenient and seamless collaboration

“The consultant from Tabellae has been on-site a lot of the time and has had a nice practical approach, so most things have been solved as a workshop collaboration. Collaboration has gone smoothly, specifications have been implemented quickly and we have completely avoided incidents afterwards,” says Søren Villemoes.

ROI in 3 years for the total solution

The pace of development is fast, which is why IC Group rarely initiates projects with a payback period of more than 5 years. “On this project, we expect a ROI of about 3 years, so the investment is clearly a good business case,” concludes Bente Gøttrup Andersen.