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Customer cases
Swedish Match

“With a Best of Breed solution from Tabellae, we are prepared for a global rollout”

Swedish Match wanted a professional Output Management solution for their cloud-based ERP solution based on Dynamics 365 for Operations. Here’s how Swedish Match can, as far as possible, go from standard to all markets.

About Swedish Match

Swedish Match AB is a Swedish industrial group that manufactures tobacco products, matches and disposable lighters in 7 countries.

Swedish Match has a Lasernet Output Management solution for their sales documents.

The company’s ERP system is Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Proven solution for D365

In Swedish Match’s initial analysis phase, they evaluated different solutions. The choice fell on Tabellae and Lasernet Output Management, as it seemed like the most proven solution. Lasernet was also the recommended choice from their D365 implementation partner, as Lasernet is an approved ISV solution that does not make changes to standard D365.

Better, user-friendly documents

“We have benefited from Lasernet right from the start. It’s fast and far more flexible to create documents and make changes with Lasernet, rather than coding directly into the ERP system as before. We now have documents with a higher level of detail, which makes them more user-friendly – both internally and for our customers,” says Catharina Wenngren.

“We have had a great collaboration with Tabellae, who have really brought best practices and competencies to our ERP project”

Catharina Wenngren, Head of ERP, Swedish Match AB


  • Implementation within agreed time and budget
  • Best of Breed solution prepared for global rollout
  • Good addition of skills and resources to the ERP project
  • More customer-centric documents
  • Competent forward-looking support

Global rollout

“We have implemented Lasernet for D365 at our sales office in Sweden. The greater complexity in the rollout of our new ERP system will come in the next step when we later roll out to our 6 other operating countries – including our main manufacturer in the Dominican Republic. Lasernet has therefore also been a decisive factor in our upcoming cost-effective ERP rollout. With Lasernet, we use global templates for all sales and shipping documents, saving both time and money on creating documents.”

“With the Lasernet Best Practice package from Tabellae, it will be easier to implement output management in the other operating countries. We are therefore now
prepared for a global rollout due to the best-of-breed output management platform, Lasernet”.

On time – on budget!

“Tabellae recommended that we involve them early on in the process, and we’ve had
great pleasure. We quickly got an overview of the volume of documents early on
process, while Tabellae discovered process needs in the production
and the distribution of our documents”.

“Tabellae has been involved in the entire process – both on the advisory and execution side
plan according to. design and complexity of the different documents. We have therefore had
a great collaboration with Tabellae, who have really brought Best Practices and
competencies for our ERP project – and we finished on time and within budget,” concludes Cathrina Wenngren.