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Outfit International

We can solve any challenges

“No matter what challenge we face, we can solve it”. Outfit International has been on an exciting journey towards digitalization in the cloud since 2018, using Dynamics 365 Business Central. The solution enables the delivery of data and provides the digital tools that customers and dealers demand.

About Outfit International

Outfit International is Europe’s largest supplier of hunting apparel. Since 1975, the Danish company has been manufacturing and selling hunting clothing through a network of agents and dealers across Europe.
The company used Navision from 2009, also with Lasernet. In 2018, a decision was made to embrace the cloud, and today, the company operates on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Flexibility wanted

In 2018, Outfit International made a strategic decision to push as many functions as possible out of their ERP system. Janne Goed and Jakob Weitemeyer from Outfit International explain, “It’s crucial for us to avoid being locked in, so we aimed to run as much standard as possible, both in ERP and the surrounding application suite.”

Customization and Integrations
Instead of relying on Dynamics 365BC’s own reporting system, which would have made them dependent on developers, they chose Lasernet. It’s built into the client, easy to use, and integrates well with new systems such as PIM, BI, special systems, and other data sources.

Implementing Output Management with the Lasernet Connector to D365 BC was straightforward, thanks to Tabellae’s assistance in prioritizing and transforming existing documents into new templates that users can maintain without expensive development costs.

“We’ve built a flexible system with complete freedom and are ready to go full speed ahead”

Jakob Seemann Weitemeyer, IT Manager

Standard Over Coding

Prioritizing standard solutions over custom coding, Lasernet consistently meets their needs. Individual document templates cater to diverse requirements from customers in different countries. “We input the same data, but Lasernet automatically adapts the documents for each customer, significantly streamlining our workflows. Now, customer service no longer needs to intervene and edit PDFs.”

Simplified Interfaces and Implementation
During the ERP implementation, Outfit International took a holistic approach to data flow and workflows from the beginning. They mapped the entire system landscape to clarify which systems, data structures, and processes are needed — from procurement to production, delivery, and invoicing.

Involving all employees and encouraging smarter approaches led to a shared understanding across the company, enabling the optimization of interfaces, the creation of simple interfaces, and an agile setup to tackle any challenges.


Great solution

Tabellae’s output solution is also used for EDI, and the next step is enabling customers to pull a pricat (Price/Sales Catalog) from their systems. This makes it even easier for sales people to provide customers with accurate pricing information.

Collaboration with Tabellae
The collaboration with Tabellae is positive. Employees are skilled and easy to reach. Outfit International feels known and seen. When facing  challenges, they engage in activities like screen
sharing with Tabellae, receiving instructions that enhance their skills.


  • Advanced Document Management
  • Easily meets customer demands for content and formats
  • In-house handling of output
  • Prompt support from Tabellae

Ready for Scaling

With significant ambitions, Outfit International is poised to capture an even larger European
market share. As Janne Goed and Jakob Weitemeyer enthusiastically state, “We’ve built a state-of-the-art
solution and are ready to go full speed ahead”.