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Customer cases

“Tabellae’s knowledge makes our support even better”

René Dalgaard has almost 20 years of NAV experience, but also knows that goes fast. Good sparring with Tabellae allows him to constantly develop and gives him the extra specialist skills and quick response that enables him to service an entire group.

About AVK

The AVK Group manufactures, sells and services valves, hydrants and
accessories for the utilities industry, among others. The group consists of 84 companies worldwide and employs approximately 3400 employees – 620 of which are based in Denmark.
The companies in the group use both NAV (82) and AX (2) and the implementation started in February 2014. So far, 50 of the companies have implemented Output Management via Lasernet (48 NAV and 2 AX).

A common thread and flexibility at the same time

Supporting 84 companies in 30 different countries while maintaining 2 independent ERP systems is demanding and requires management.

The layout of the documents must be consistent with the brand, while allowing the content to vary. Changes affect many companies and therefore need to be able to be turned on and off. René Dalgaard says: “That’s why we’ve created a flexible template where it’s easy for companies to add texts, choose fields and placement, and then start printing right away”.

Saved development costs

“Originally, we saw output management as a necessity, but we have saved money on report development and have a user-friendly and flexible solution with room for further development”. He highlights two smart features: “If you have a 4-page invoice, for example, the first, middle and last pages can have completely different layouts. This gives a professional look and reduces paper consumption. 1 file can also be split into several files which, depending on the content, can be handled and printed individually”.

“All the knowledge I gain from Tabellae I learn from and can provide better support afterwards”

René Dalgaard, Business Application Consultant, AVK


  • Saved development costs
  • High user-friendliness
  • Great flexibility
  • Great opportunities for further development
  • Effective collaboration
  • High level of knowledge

Fixed contact person

René Dalgaard adds: “We are happy with the choice of Tabellae. The collaboration works well and we experience a quick response, especially when it’s urgent.

We provide both support and development for the group, but even though I am a NAV programmer, I would like to learn even more. Instead of having to contact support every time we need assistance, we now have a dedicated contact person we can reach out to directly. He can log in quickly and knows our setup. He is good at explaining and I have to look over his shoulder so I know how the problem is solved. I learn from all the knowledge I gain from Tabellae and can provide better support afterwards.

Tabellae are very professional and cooperative. Even in situations where it turns out that Lasernet is not the problem, they are still very knowledgeable and willing to assist with networking and more.”

Extensive knowledge available

“Tabellae does a lot to share knowledge. For example, they do online sessions where a new theme is discussed each time. Here you can see how new functionality can be used in different situations. As part of Tabellae’s Support Agreement, a report on the status of the solution is issued once a year. If there are errors or something is not set up appropriately, it is noted so that we have the opportunity to correct it. In this way, the solution is always optimal.”