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Upgrade guide for LAC when upgrading to D365 FO 10.0.34

If you upgrade to Dynamics 365 FO version 10.0.34 (PU58), you must also upgrade your Lasernet Connector to ensure continued operation. Here, you’ll get all the help you need for upgrading to LAC version 6.18.4.

Guide to a seamless upgrade

This page contains information for both customers and partners to help with a seamless upgrade of LAC when upgrading to Dynamics 365 FO.

at this page, you’ll find:

  • A description of the problem and solution
  • What you need to do as a partner and customer
  • A guide for upgrading with download package and timeline
  • Help with upgrading

The upgrade problem

Dynamics D365FO 10.0.34 (PU58), released on June 16, 2023, is not compatible with any existing versions of LAC365FO. The issue is caused by .NET files used for Azure which have been updated within the standard D365 FO.

D365 FO version 10.0.34 (PU58) is available via Microsoft self-service, and for customers using the automatic update plan from Microsoft, the new version of Dynamics was automatically installed on June 30th.

Who is affected?

All customers with Lasernet for D365 FO are affected by this, as it is Microsoft Dynamics that has updated their .Net method for communication with Azure. Lasernet communicates with Dynamics through Azure (Azure Service Bus for communication and Azure Storage for exchanging files such as XML, PDF, LNEMF, attachments and document management).

Solution for upgrading

Customers must not upgrade to Dynamics 10.0.34 (PU58) without also upgrading to LAC 6.18.4 afterwards.

Formpipe has released the Lasernet Connector version 6.18.4 June 8th, which solves the issue.

If you upgrade to D365FO with an ‘old’ connector

If customers do not upgrade to Lasernet Connector version 6.18.4, you will not be able to create any reports in Lasernet as there is no communication between Dynamics and Lasernet.

This includes new reports, but also that no existing reports will be available as the communication between Dynamics and Lasernet is not possible.

For customers: What you need to do

Send information to Tabellae
To make the upgrade as seamless as possible, please provide the following information to Tabellae:

  • When do you plan to upgrade to D365FO 10.0.34 (PU58)?
  • Which Microsoft and PU-version do you currently have?
  • Which LAC version do you currently have?
  • Which version do you wish to upgrade to? (e.g. if you are waiting for the 10.0.35 version)

Please send these informations to your assigned consultant after booking of an upgrade.
You can finde the updated overview of compability for D365 FO here.

Plan internally
This upgrade will take place during the summer vacation. Therefore, you need to contact us 1 month in advance before upgrading to PU58 to ensure the right resources are available. In the event that your responsible employee is on vacation during the upgrade, you will need to provide contact information for another employee.

You should also contact your ERP partner, as they are responsible for installing the Lasernet Connector to your Dynamics environment.

For partners: What you need to do

Do the usual
For this upgrade, you should follow your normal upgrade procedures and request the download package by writing to Tabellae customer service.

If you as an ERP partner usually download the installation package for an upgrade yourself, please let us know if you do so this time.

We recommend that you remind your customers to test after the upgrade.

* Note: If you normally upgrade the Lasernet Connector first, don’t do the usual this time. It’s quite important which order you upgrade in when installing 10.0.34 and 6.18.4. You must first install D365 FO 10.0.34, and afterwards you can install LAC 6.18.4.
If you first install LAC 6.18.14, you will experience an error due to the fact that LAC 6.18.4 is not built to be activated on a D365 FO version lower than 10.0.34.

** Note: Customers upgrading from an LAC 5 to LAC 6 will need to allocate more time due to changes in data structure, which leads to more tests and adjustments.

You can find an estimated overview of upgrade projects from LAC 5 to 6 here. This is only a guideline and there may be specifics in the customer’s solution that make the upgrade take more or less time.

Help with upgrading

If you need upgrade assistance or more information, please contact us in one of the following ways:

Our phone hours are Monday-Thursday from 8:30 to 16:30.
Friday from 8:30 to 15:30 (CET).