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Trends 2024

In the dynamic world of document management, here are six trends that we anticipate will take center stage in 2024.

1. Cloud Dominance

The cloud has become the backbone of modern document management systems, offering unparalleled accessibility and scalability.

We have already seen an increased adoption of cloud-based document management solutions for greater accessibility, improved collaboration, and easier scalability.

The year of ERP upgrades
In 2024, we anticipate an even greater shift towards cloud-centric solutions, especially due to a year dominated by ERP upgrades. They are allowing organizations to store, share, and collaborate on business documents seamlessly.

Cloud platforms not only facilitate remote work, but they also provide a secure and centralized repository for documents, ensuring real-time updates and reducing reliance on traditional, on-premise storage solutions.


2. Mobility Evolution

The rise of remote work has underlined the importance of ‘on the fly’ document management. In 2024, we will witness a significant evolution in mobile document solutions, with a focus on intuitive interfaces, offline access, and cross-platform compatibility.

Mobile application dominance
Mobile applications, like the continuously improved Dynamics 365 Warehouse Management Mobile app, will enable users to create, edit, and manage documents on the go, fostering productivity and collaboration irrespective of geographical constraints.

Another trend in 2024 within mobility is the adoption of hybrid solutions that combine on-premises and cloud-based output management capabilities, offering flexibility and meeting specific organizational needs.

3. Enhanced Connectivity

The integration of Output Management systems with other enterprise applications than the ERP system, will become more sophisticated in 2024 with enhanced connectivity.

Seamless connectivity with integrations
In 2024, Tabellae will focus on seamless connectivity with integrations to create a connected digital ecosystem. Many see output management software as a design tool, but in fact some of them are actually platforms instead of products. These output management software can integrate to a long row of other systems, exchange data between them and replace them, which makes it easier to communicate.

Tabellae already support a lot of integrations like the use of EDI, digital mailboxes and system integrations to any ERP system, web service or workflow, and a lot other ways to use Output Management – with more to come in 2024.

The right tools enhance efficiency
In an ERP project – both before, during, and after it – it’s important to have the right partner with the right knowledge and tools. Seamless connectivity with the right project management tools for before, during, and after ERP implementation projects, CRM software, and other business applications will streamline workflows and enhance overall efficiency.

4. AI-Powered Automation

Artificial Intelligence will play an essential role in 2024 in automating everyday document-related tasks, such as data entry, classification, and extraction of data.

Intelligent retrieval of data
Machine learning algorithms will become more proficient at understanding context and patterns within documents, leading to improved document categorization and intelligent retrieval of data from both incoming and outgoing documents.

Integration of AI technologies will also improve document processing, automation and data analysis. For outgoing documents, the implementation of AI tools will place greater demands on seamless communication. Regarding ingoing documents, it will become easier to map ingoing orders, invoices etc. with more accurate OCR scanning.

More efficiently workdays
At Tabellae, we have during 2023 also been working with AI and how it can help our customers towards a more efficiently everyday life. AI-driven document management systems will not only save time but also reduce errors, allowing employees to focus on more strategic and value-added tasks.

5. Green Document Handling

As businesses increasingly recognize the importance of environmental sustainability and are forced to document their environmental impacts, document management practices will align with eco-friendly initiatives.

Electronic invoicing is the future
Electronic cooperation is also becoming mandatory for several companies around the world, depending on their trading partners.

In 2024, we will see organizations prioritize solutions that promote paperless workflows, electronic exchange of business documents and digital signatures, as well as energy-efficient data storage in the cloud. Sustainable document management will not only reduce the ecological footprint but also contribute to cost savings and operational efficiency with easier and faster communication.

6. Security Defence

With the growing volume of digital data in the ERP system, cybersecurity will remain a top concern within document management.

We have already witnessed the first steps towards enhanced security measures due to security breaches, where incoming documents like invoices have been hacked, and the account number edited so that the recipient pays to the wrong account.

In 2024, there will be a heightened focus on implementing robust document security measures, including digital signatures, end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication, and advanced threat detection with alerts.

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Organizations that embrace these trends will not only stay ahead of the curve but also empower their teams to collaborate more efficiently and secure in an increasingly digital world.

Want to learn more about the possibilities with Document Management and how you can use the trends in your business?

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Lennart Garbarsch, Partner

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