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Comparison guide

3 document management solutions for Dynamics 365:
Configurable Business Documents, SSRS or Lasernet – which one to choose?

What is the right Output Management solution for your ERP project?

We hope you’ll find the answer in this ‘Comparison Guide’, where we compare the options in:

The white paper is aimed at architects, consultants, project managers and others interested in designing, developing and implementing external ERP documents in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

Download Comparison Guide

Download Comparison Guide

3 solutions for document management in Dynamics 365

Tabellae has dug into the functionalities and assessed the areas of application and differences compared to create simple and more advanced reports in various business document management tools:

Configurable Business Documents

Microsoft’s Configurable Business Documents D365 is a document template tool for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. The solution consists of a range of pre-designed document templates that can be customized in Word or Excel.

Configurable Business Documents is a license-free solution for companies with limited needs for designing and distributing business documents from Dynamics 365 FO.

Read more about Configurable Business Documents.


The built-in SQL (Structured Query Language) Server Reporting Services tool is a server-based report generation tool from Microsoft to advanced external reports that are coded from scratch.

Read more about SSRS.

Lasernet Output Management

Best of breed Output Management standard software implemented at more than 2500 companies worldwide for its ease of use in creating, designing, formatting and distributing business documents in all formats.

Lasernet is a license-based solution that can be used for all ERP systems.

Read more about Lasernet to Dynamics 365 FO.

What are the challenges with Document Management?

Documents are often left until the end of the ERP project and the scope is underestimated
This is a shame, as documents are complex and have many unknowns. The typical challenges with business documents are:

  • Creating and maintaining reports is time-consuming
  • Increasing demands on layout and formats can be difficult to meet
  • More advanced distribution options may be limited

The need for Business Document Management is growing in the digital world. Documents are critical to the business, and if they’re not in order from the start, project time and budget can easily spiral out of control.

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Enjoy the Comparison Guide.

Lennart Garbarsch, Partner