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“It says a lot about a supplier how they deal with bumps in the road”

From manual handling to agile and flexible warehousing. “We have been using Lasernet for ERP reports for many years. Ifm. ERP upgrade, our output became more mission-critical and our AX vendor recommended Tabellae to the task,” says IT developer Martin Johansen.

About Missionpharma

Missionpharma A/S is one of the world’s leading suppliers of generic medicines and hospital supplies to developing countries around the world. The company has been upgraded from AX2009 to an AX2012 Output solution with Lasernet servers in Denmark, Zambia and India. In addition, the company has an integration to Sharepoint.

High uptime keeps expensive bills away

“We handle a lot of deliveries to countries all over the world and if they are delayed, it costs us dearly. 100 men standing still plus punitive tariffs is not cheap, so we relied on having a reliable solution. To date, we have not experienced any bottlenecks with Lasernet. It just keeps running,” Martin Johansen continues.

Stable solution required

Missionpharma implemented a scanning and packaging solution that allows the company to work much smarter in the warehouse. Previously, they used label generation software without ERP integration. Everything had to be entered manually and printed in advance. Now, data for batch number, item number, etc. comes from the ERP system, so correct barcode labels are always printed. Tabellae has also developed a label solution for the company’s kit packing, which means that a packing list is automatically printed after the last item has been packed in the box. The packing list is then applied as a label on the box, which saves a lot of time.

“Tabellae focused all the way on making us happy with the end product, and we were met with cooperation every step of the way. They put an extra man on the job and went for it!”

Martin Johansen, Developer/Consultant, Missionpharma A/S


  • Reliable solution with high uptime
  • Tabellae has challenged our assumptions, so the overall solution is better
  • Constructive collaboration
  • Lasernet has so many uses that it avoids many applications

Changes can be made while we’re up and running

Martin Johansen continues: “It is important that changes are easy to implement. With Lasernet, we can quickly change layouts and set conditions
in. And most importantly, without disrupting operations. The adjustments can be made by ‘non-programmers’ without IT having to be involved every time, which saves us a lot of money.”

“There’s a temptation to use Lasernet for everything”

Whenever we can put Lasernet into a solution, we do. It can do so much
more than printing. The software is versatile, the options are many, and you’re tempted to use them often because it’s cheap and easy.”

Tabellae was on fire!

“Overall, we are very satisfied with Tabellae. When something is urgent, we get support right away. Tabellae challenges us, and they are great at keeping us updated in the form of user groups where we can discuss with other users, get input on new opportunities and meet the consultants.

For us, it also says a lot about the supplier how they deal with bumps in the road. We weren’t entirely satisfied with the first delivery of some forms. There, we were not met with resistance, but with cooperation. Tabellae focused on making us happy with the end product and things were fixed. They added an extra man and went for it! This approach gives us the confidence to take on a larger project with Tabellae at another time.”