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Customer cases
Holger Christiansen A/S

“We can react quickly to changing legal and customer requirements”

Different customers, different needs and lots of ongoing changes to business documents. Holger Christiansen works fast – and that’s why the right document management tool is essential.

About Holger Christiansen

Holger Christiansen A/S – A Bosch Group Company supplies auto parts for the entire automotive industry, such as starters, alternators, air conditioning and lamps. The spare parts are sold both in our own Cargo brand and in customers’ private brands. Holger Christiansen has customers in most of the world, not least in Europe and North Africa. The company’s 7 subsidiaries have their own warehouses locally in different countries.

A great tool

Lasernet is used for all external reporting related to inventory and customers
do. Most things do at Holger Christiansen. In total, 37 different reports are generated, such as customs reports, labels, delivery notes, free text invoices and barcodes.

IT Manager Stig Kümmel has no doubts: “Lasernet is really a great tool!
It’s quick and easy to respond to customer requests and changes, both when it
are new developments and customizations. For example, if you need extra info on a pick label, then
we can do it very quickly, hit update, and the new solution is live.”

Big time savings

He continues: “If we had handled our ERP-Output directly in the ERP system without Lasernet, the same exercise would have taken at least 1 hour or 3 to customize with new fields and then run it through Visual Studio”.

“The worst part is that our customers would have to wait to see the changes implemented until the next code lift, which is typically once a month. With Lasernet, we make changes on the fly – same day. It takes us maybe 1/5 or 1/10 of the time.”

“Now document changes take us maybe 1/5 or 1/10 of the time compared to before. We make changes on the fly and operate it on the same day – it’s very agile”

Stig Kümmel, IT Manager, Holger Christiansen A/S


  • Agile document management solution
  • Lightning-fast changes to business documents
  • Fast support
  • Great collaboration with Tabellae

Agility in private labeling

“Our customer segments are changing, and this places great demands on reporting.
The agility Lasernet gives us in our daily work is invaluable.”
“For our customers, we offer private labeling on both the product itself and the packaging. Everyone wants their own design, typically with their own logo, others want pictograms, their own barcodes or item numbers printed. In Italy, they want e-invoicing. That’s why we need to be agile and be able to make changes to both content and distribution methods at lightning speed.”

Compliance requirements are easily met

“Documents are managed at customer level and run per company or account. This makes it easy to customize according to the recipients’ wishes. For example, many Eastern European countries need EUC labels on packages from Western Europe, and soon, due to Brexit, we will need to add new elements to invoices and labels. Our subsidiaries all have different needs, and with Lasernet we can help them stay compliant with local regulations and laws. applicable local regulations and laws”.

Knowledge is kept up to date

“On a daily basis, we are self-driving and have a lot of knowledge in-house, but that knowledge needs to be kept up to date. That’s why our colleague will soon be Lasernet-certified and attend a course at Tabellae Academy. This means that we can continue to support the business and customize solutions ourselves – also in the future.”