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Customer cases
Ok Benzin

Lasernet handles millions of documents in growing business

OK is a successful business that has harnessed the benefits that IT can bring to a growing company. As a result, the company reaps annual gains and savings in handling, postage, printing and development hours.

About OK Benzin

OK is a Danish cooperative owned by approximately 20,000 customers and dealers. Since its inception, OK has been the only energy company where consumers can actively influence the development of the company.

OK covers all of Denmark with over 650 gas stations, seven sales offices and three driving centers. OK also supplies homeowners, agriculture and businesses with oil, biofuel, natural gas and electricity.

Many – and different – documents

OK was among the first to read the market correctly when it came to selling gasoline from vending machines at attractive prices, and today OK is the best-selling gasoline brand in Denmark. For years, OK has used Lasernet to handle the millions of documents generated each year by the growing business.

“The business is often expanded with new products, so new prints are needed all the time,” says Thomas B. Rasmussen, System Developer at OK. “A lot of different documents are created over the course of a year, including more than just invoices. In addition, the documents need to look different depending on the product in question.”

Wanted: future-proof solution

“Formatting was previously very code-heavy and slow to maintain. Lines had to be created line by line, sent to a print program, and everything had to be coded directly into our ERP system,” says Thomas B. Rasmussen.

When the company’s ERP system needed to be redesigned, it was time to get a system that was more future-proof for printing, formatting and archiving.
The solution had to solve the challenges of:

  • Handling electronic invoicing to the public sector in XML (oioXML)
  • Formatting and printing large volumes of documents for private customers on multiple printers
  • Ensuring correct electronic archiving

“With Lasernet, we can meet more and more demands. And if we get stuck, we have a great partner in Tabellae”

Thomas B. Rasmussen, System Developer, OK a.m.b.a.


  • Gains and savings in handling, postage, printing and development hours
  • Easy formatting
  • Fast printing of large volumes of documents
  • Correct electronic archiving

Performance is crucial

“In addition to many daily invoices and business documents, we have a lot of account customers who need to receive bank statements once a month and at the same time access invoices online. It is crucial that this process is fast”.

“Lasernet has enabled us to develop our printing ourselves. We can work flexibly and manage the entire flow from our ERP system, into Lasernet and out of the house. All documents are now processed by Lasernet, which formats and prints the documents. It’s lightning fast, and at the same time, Lasernet ensures correct archiving in the electronic archive.”

Prepared for increasing demands

“We’re seeing more and more demands from the outside world, and with Lasernet we can meet those demands. And if we get stuck with something, we have a really good partner and help in Tabellae,” concludes Thomas Rasmussen.