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Customer cases

“No other product can control the output as well as Lasernet”

IT Manager Jens Erik Ankjær can handle document processing in Lasernet himself, without having to use expensive outside consultants.

About Saint-Gobain

Saint-Gobain A/S produces mineral-based building materials and has 48,000 employees in 55 countries.

In Denmark, the company has 11 branches and uses the ERP system Aspect4. The head office uses the ERP system SAP. Saint-Gobain got a Lasernet Output Management solution for Aspect4.

Best product on the market for output management

“Even though we’re in West Jutland, where people are wary of using big words, I’m not afraid to say that I love Lasernet. In my opinion, there is no other product on the market that can control the output as well as Lasernet can,” he says.

A complicated task made easy with Lasernet

“Our Aspect4 ERP system is great for finance and accounting, but on the output side, its standard printouts are certainly nothing to brag about.

Instead, we have Lasernet format and forward all outgoing documents such as order confirmations, delivery notes and invoices to customers. In total, more than 250 different documents and formats are sent out of Lasernet with a myriad of details to keep track of. It’s a highly complicated IT task, but despite this, it’s one that’s extremely easy to solve with Lasernet.

The “programming” of Lasernet is not really programming, but more of a
questions about making the right choices on a series of on-screen checklists,” says Jens Erik Ankjær, Head of Saint-Gobain’s Danish IT department and
super user of Lasernet.

“I absolutely love Lasernet. It’s a very powerful product for handling output exactly the way you want it”

Jens Erik Ankjær, IT Manager, Saint-Gobain Denmark


  • Saved workflows and freed up IT hours
  • Eased IT complexity
  • Saved consultant hours
  • Professional image
  • Enthusiastic employees

Tailored documents make for happy customers and colleagues

Lasernet receives all standard documents with standard formatting and
-data from Aspect4. Lasernet makes sure they are tailored to each recipient with the desired data, look and feel, shipping method and
format. For example, as a PDF document by email or as an XML document via the byg e-portal, which is the timber industry’s joint IT center.

This way, both the customers’ wishes and the individual company’s wishes are met
such as having your own name and logo on documents. All outgoing documents are simultaneously stored in the company archive as PDF documents. Lasernet is also used to print barcodes for the goods that are stored in the warehouse and later picked for delivery to customers.

Future-proof solution

It’s an advantage that Lasernet works just as well with SAP as
the parent company has, should they decide to switch ERP systems one day.
“There are many other tasks we are thinking of using Lasernet for and more are being added all the time,” says Jens Erik Ankjær.