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Customer cases

Massive implementation and operational savings

Vikan has said goodbye to high consulting bills, system customizations and custom coding of reports. Today, document management works faster, more reliably and without the need for external support.

About Vikan

Vikan is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cleaning tools for hygiene-critical areas. The company employs 225 people worldwide.

Tabellae delivered an Output solution for the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

Difficult time before Lasernet

The pre-Lasernet era was costly: “Our reports were coded into Microsoft Dynamics AX, so it was expensive to change anything. It also took a long time to implement changes and it was difficult to understand what was being done because there were many different consultants involved,” says Allain Bill Bøge, IT Manager at Vikan. When Vikan needed to improve document management, everyone pointed to Lasernet as the most effective solution, and today it works easier, faster and more reliably than before.

Multiple application areas

We save a lot of money by being able to change fields and functions ourselves. We primarily use Lasernet for document management, but are also considering using it to print labels in the future,” Allain explains.

“My guess is that we have saved around half a million kroner. In addition, there are ongoing savings of a few hundred thousand annually”

Allain Bill Bøge, IT Manager, Vikan


  • One-time savings: approx. 0.5 million
  • Annual savings: approx. 0.2 million in reduced consulting bills, system customizations and coding of reports
  • On-time implementation
  • No waiting time for document changes
  • Easier, faster and more stable operation than before

No more waiting for expensive consultants

“It has been crucial that we could manage the day-to-day operations ourselves. And today, it’s really liberating that we don’t have to wait for a consultant to come in and change something. We’ll just take care of it ourselves!

Lasernet works well on a daily basis. What sets the solution apart is that it works all the time. We don’t need support and we don’t have challenges with rebooting or changing anything. Everything is running smoothly”.

Saved 500.000 kr. plus approx. 200.000 kr. every year

“The financial benefit of switching to Lasernet has been great. My guess is that we
has saved around half a million kroner by switching to Lasernet. It’s in that order of magnitude. In addition, there will be some ongoing savings throughout the year of around a few hundred thousand kroner.”

Implemented on time

On the implementation of Lasernet, Allain says: “We finished on time and
There’s no doubt that the implementation has been a success. We struggled a bit
getting the right data at first, which was frustrating, but if we look at
process from a helicopter perspective, it has gone really well!”.

Tabellae thinks in solutions and follows up

Allain is extremely satisfied with the collaboration with Tabellae: “There has been good follow-up, which in itself is a mark of quality. Tabellae is persistent, trustworthy and solution-oriented. Many suppliers don’t meet their deadlines. Tabellae is definitely not that type of partner.”