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Live in just 3 weeks

On October 1st, Deleo had to take over a factory they had just bought. Therefore, this date, just 3 weeks away, was the go live deadline. Anton Bjurman, CEO of Deleo, knew it was an almost impossible task, so he teamed up with the most experienced people who made the miracle happen.

About Deleo AB

Deleo works with contract manufacturing and brand development of beverages. In the production facility
in Stockholm, beverages have been developed and manufactured for 80 years and the company is a leading supplier of beverages to the largest retail chains in Sweden.

Deleo’s ERP partner PCnet ensures the best possible function on behalf of its customers and offers services such as integration, support, operation and monitoring, development/BI, etc.

Business Central 2 Go

Deleo’s ERP partner PCnet was recommended Business Central 2 Go by their subcontractor TWO. “It enables a quick implementation of Business Central,” explains Mikael Sjöqvist, Dynamics 365 Business Area Manager.

A pragmatic approach based on assumptions
To help Deleo meet the extremely tight deadline, project management consultant Frida Waleij from PCnet was called in. She has +30 years of experience with ERP systems, networks and licenses and was qualified to provide assumptions and best practices on which the solution was based.

Changing documents in standard BC is difficult, and Frida recommended Tabellae Output Management, which she had worked with before, for several reasons:

  • data can be retrieved from different parts of the company and legacy systems
  • easy overview of document distribution
  • fewer obstacles and the chance of a quick go live increases.

“Experience means you can make some good assumptions. You know what works. Tabellae’s solution is one of them”

Frida Waleij, Application Consultant, PCnet

Pre-study provided a good starting point

The parties met for a 3-hour pre-study to find out which documents are important and which are not. There was a need for 6 key documents in production, purchasing and sales.

Practical collaboration and feedback loops
The feasibility study gave us a starting point for further collaboration. “Tabellae’s consultant and I sat down for a joint meeting and went through each document – that text goes in that field, this element goes here”. Tabellae’s consultant pushed the project in between other projects. 1 hour one week, 15 hours another week. It was a great help. One specific document was needed, which Tabellae helpfully added to the Connector in just 5 days.

Feedback loops were held between all parties to align all deliverables. With this pragmatic approach, the project progressed quickly and when Deleo took over the factory after 3 weeks, their BC solution was up and running and supporting the business in a stable way

5 pieces of advice

Deleo’s Anton Bjurman’s advice for other companies looking to implement quickly

  1. Everything starts with the needs and goals of the business – not the solutions.
  2. Bring in skilled people with a core understanding of ERP and business.
  3. Communication is what takes time. If you can live without documentation, you can save a lot of time.
  4. Choose whether to implement new processes or new ERP – doing both at the same time complicates things and makes a quick go live difficult.
  5. Scope and stick to the scope


  • Implementation in just 3 weeks – within the framework
  • Minimal use of budget
  • Great business support