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Trimco Group

Trimco Group unleashes savings with Lasernet Input Management

Trimco Group is a long-time user of Lasernet, gradually expanding its use throughout the company’s operations.

About Trimco Group

Trimco Group A/S delivers branding to the textile industry. Trimco Group has 400 employees worldwide, sales companies in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, England, Italy, the Netherlands and the United States, and logistics centers in Hong Kong, China, Turkey, India and Bangladesh.

The company uses the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 ERP system.

Great savings with one single solution for Output and Input Management

Particularly on the output side, Trimco Group has achieved extensive savings and uniform, professional branding of the company on all business documents. On the input side, Trimco Group has begun implementing full scanning of all invoices – a project that is making a strong positive impact, says IT Director Ole Aggerholm.

Huge savings
“With scanning and extraction of data from invoices, we have taken a big step towards streamlining our incoming document processing at Trimco Group.

We’re 90% up and running in our Danish company, and we’ll be at 100% once supplier invoices can also be scanned. The Hong Kong office is also getting started, and our goal is to implement the solution at all 13 Trimco Group companies.

It’s a big project, but also incredibly exciting because of the huge savings it makes possible.”

“Lasernet is a great platform that enables major savings in our internal processes”

Ole Aggerholm, IT Director, Trimco Group A/S

Legislative compliance of business documents

In addition to delivering savings on the input side through improved processing of business documents, Lasernet can also meet legislative challenges relating to international trade. “We’ve known all along that we would be implementing the scanning solution in all of our companies, but we’ve changed the order of implementation.

Turkish document requirements

We recently decided that the next country after Denmark will be our Turkish company, as they are required by law to be able to receive OIO files electronically.

With Lasernet, it was just a matter of deciding to resolve this matter immediately, without having to go out and make further investments.”


  • Successful implementation because Tabellae has effectively guided the project to completion
  • Major savings
  • Streamlined processing of incoming documents
  • Legislative challenges relating to international trade immediately resolved – and without additional investment

Succesful Input Management implementation

Ole Aggerholm also points to the advantage of having a supplier who is an expert in its own field, while also understanding the company’s way of thinking.

“Tabellae has delivered high quality, which is crucial to Trimco Group, because we make our living by delivering the same to our customers. Their mastery of Lasernet is really clear to us, so we’re always confident about the successful implementation of our large-scale Lasernet projects.”