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Customer cases
Bagger-Sørensen & Co. A/S

Incoming invoices and orders are handled smartly

When Bagger-Sørensen divested a large part of the company in 2017, it went from 600 employees in one large organization to around 50 organized in a large number of sister companies. The company’s new setup placed demands on the ERP system and Input solution

About Bagger-Sørensen & Co. A/S

Bagger Sørensen og Co A/S is a holding and investment company that previously owned Fertin Pharma and Dandy.rnrnThe company has approx. 4000 documents per year. The ERP system is Microsoft Dynamics 365. Bagger Sørensen runs Lasernet Input Management as a stand-alone solution.

D365 for Input Management

The previous ERP system was made for production in the pharmaceutical industry. In need of a fresh start, the company looked at standard solutions where the functionality is tried and tested from the start. The recommendation was for a Dynamics 365 solution together with Lasernet Input Management.

Great collaboration

During the implementation process, Tabellae adapted the setup to the company Bagger-Sørensen is today. Tabellae created the basic setup, including The ‘masks’ that define which areas of an invoice to read. Afterwards, employees were trained in the system so they have as much flexibility as possible in their day-to-day work. “It’s so easy to work with that it makes sense to do it yourself,” says Carsten Lund Sørensen, and continues: “The collaboration with Tabellae has had an educational effect, so employees have indexed the documents correctly – the first time.

“The support is always easy to get in touch with and the level of competence is high”.

Carsten Lund Sørensen, CFO, Bagger-Sørensen Co. A/S


  • 95% of incoming invoices are no longer processed
  • Better and easier invoice management
  • Great collaboration with Tabellae
  • Fast support
  • High level of competence

Expert service and local support

“When we occasionally need support, Tabellae is always easy to get in touch with. We feel that we get help here and there, and we can’t put a finger on the service. We also think the level of competence is high. To put it simply, you don’t feel that they have a ‘first day on the job’. You can experience that elsewhere”.