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Automation of incoming orders resulted in fantastic customer service

Previously, manually handling over 4000 customer orders each month was a significant undertaking for Svedbergs. Today, these orders seamlessly integrate into the order system, transforming the bathroom specialist into a fantastic place for customers. Tabellae plays a crutial role as a facilitator on this journey towards efficiency.

About Svedbergs

Svedbergs is a leading name in bathroom furnishings and has been producing quality bathroom products since 1920.

The company boasts four distinct furniture series, with product development, design, and production taking place in Sweden.

Svedbergs utilizes Tabellae’s Lasernet Input Management alongside the ERP system Infor M3.

Extending Automation to Non-EDI Customers

Digitizing numerous work processes became a strategic goal for the leadership. A robust ‘toolbox’ was needed to automate the flow of incoming orders, including those from customers not using EDI.

“It all began a few years ago,” say Frida Bengtsson and Marcus Jagdell from Svedbergs. “The customer service manager recommended Tabellae’s Lasernet input solution for digital order processing”.

“Approximately 4000 monthly orders received via phone or email were previously entered manually, a time-consuming task. Tabellae conducted an excellent workshop and configured the system according to our and our customers’ preferences. Tabellae’s consultants were very accommodating, knowledgeable, solution-oriented – and prepared for what we needed. Numerous tests were conducted before going live, but now we receive a significant portion of our digital orders through Lasernet.”

“We wanted not only to improve order registration but also to create a more appealing business.”

Frida Bengtsson, Integration Coordinator, Svedbergs

Saving 2 Hours Daily with Lasernet Input Management

The sight of automated flow and orders seamlessly entering has not only saved a couple of hours per workday but has also elevated motivation. This newfound time is now dedicated to creating customer value.

Faster Delivery and Enhanced Control
With orders being accurately registered, complete with the right master data, errors have reduced, and delivery times have significantly accelerated. This enhanced control over orders has opened avenues for further development in critical areas.

Elevating Customer Service to Unprecedented Heights

The input solution wasn’t solely about enhancing order registration; it aimed to craft a more attractive business. By digitally processing orders, Svedbergs can now focus on

  • Providing excellent customer service and respond optimally to customer inquiries
  • Offer customers new and additional possibilities, such as assistance in drawing and designing bathrooms and calculating, for example, delivery dates
  • Handle new customers with specific requests, such as multiple orders in the same file
  • Develop creative bathroom solutions

“Previously, during high order pressure, we were compelled to focus solely on order entry. Now, we’ve achieved faster response times to customer inquiries, something our customers appreciate,” says the team.


  • Fewer errors
  • Faster delivery to customers
  • Applicable to all customers
  • Annual saving of approximately DKK 150.000
    (2 hours at DKK 350 per hour x 20 days x 10 months)
  • Unlimited usage
  • Enhanced customer service

Simplifying Operational Environment

Leadership actively engages in progress discussions, exploring intelligent use of Lasernet to ensure efficient transportation and delivery.

Currently utilized for incoming orders, there’s contemplation about expanding its usage to output, such as delivery notes and invoices. This potential expansion would allow easy customization of layouts and content, facilitating professional communication with customers and further simplifying the operational environment. As Frida and Marcus conclude, their automation journey has just begun, and they eagerly anticipate the possibilities that lie ahead in the future.