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Customer cases
Oticon – a part of William Demant Group

Global ERP rollout successfully managed with best practice approach

Tabellae has played an important role in the global ERP rollout to seamlessly manage documents in 130 countries. The implementation was done using Tabellae’s Best Practice packages.

About Oticon / William Demant

William Demant Group is a global market leader in hearing care and hearing aids. The group has some of the strongest brands in the industry, such as Oticon and Sennheiser.

The annual turnover is more than DKK 10 billion and approximately 12,000 people are employed in companies in more than 30 countries and in distribution centers and stores in more than 130 countries. Dynamic AX is used across the organization.

Best Practice packages are essential for global ERP rollout

“The ATLAS program is our global ERP rollout throughout the United States, Europe, Asia Pacific. Lasernet and Tabellae’s Best Practice packages are an important part of the successful rollout throughout the organization,” explains Thomas Bremer Hansen, Project Manager and Solution Architect for the ATLAS program at William Demant.

“We will always have paper”

“One of our former CEOs once said that we would have a paperless company one day. However, that hasn’t been the case – not for us and not for our customers. We still need printouts, whether it’s on paper or as a PDF that we send out,” explains Thomas Bremer Hansen.

“We have a strong business case for using Lasernet. I see Tabellae as a strong partner that helps us in our business and supports our business requirements”

Thomas Bremer Hansen, Project Manager and Solution Architect, William Demant A/S


  • Effective implementation
  • Make changes easily
  • Business requirements are met
  • 1 point of contact
  • Increasing amount of skills in-house
  • Versatile applications

Changes are made quickly

“We have a strong business case for using Lasernet. We are still seeing changes in our output and printouts coming in from the organization. We can easily make the necessary changes in a fast track – with our own people, even the non-technical ones. This means we can implement changes and requirements from the business to our documents regularly and securely – both in time and money. Lasernet is also easy to maintain, so our support runs very quickly and smoothly.”

1 point of contact

“We have been very happy with the support we get from Tabellae. We’ve had an employee helping us for the last year or so, and he’s always there for us when we have questions or need a smart solution for something. Even the stupid questions, he will help us find a solution.”

A multi-purpose solution

“I see Tabellae as a strong partner that helps us in our business and supports our business requirements.

They really know the in-depth technology behind it. We see Lasernet as a very versatile system that we can use for different purposes, including things other than output management. At the moment we are rolling out the template, but soon we will also start the operational part of the project and in the near future we will also roll out the template in Asia Pacific.

We need to handle printing efficiently everywhere,” says Thomas Bremer Hansen.

Upgrading our skills

“It’s a priority for us to bring more and more skills into our company so we can run on our own. Lasernet is an important component in our global rollout, so there are clearly high demands to continue the close and good cooperation with Tabellae,” he concludes.