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Geveko Markings

Standardized documents and consistency across borders

A fragmented ERP landscape required many manual changes, which was costly in both time and resources. The biggest challenge was that handling documents in different parts of the world, such as Europe, the US and Australia, required many different and localized changes.

About Geveko Markings

Geveko Markings is a manufacturing company that supplies marking material for road markings, area markings, decorative markings in the cityscape and material for road repairs. Today, the company has nine factories located in Europe, USA, Malaysia and Australia and has a sales presence in 80+ countries.
The company’s ERP system is Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO.

90% standardized documents globally

In 2015, Geveko Markings had seven production sites around the world. The different sites were running three different ERP solutions, including AX 4.0 in the EU and US.
Geveko Markings was acquired, and they wanted a fresh start with one common ERP system where all documents could be handled as one company. This way, documents could be consistent across the company without having to make adjustments to the ERP system.
Torben Andersen from Geveko Markings was in charge of the standardization project and is today a happy man because the goal was achieved: “We have succeeded in our goal of standardizing our documents globally. Over 90% of our documents are now standard and we can easily implement changes ourselves when the need arises”.

Output module without customization

It was important in the implementation that everything was standard solutions. Geveko decided to move all seven production sites to Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO. To manage printouts and business documents, Geveko Markings chose Tabellae’s document management module Lasernet, which made it easy to control incoming and outgoing documents, EDI and e-invoicing, and to send out invoices automatically and without customization.
“With Tabellae’s Best Practice approach, we have successfully integrated Lasernet with standard documents on three different sites,” says Torben Andersen. All business documents were developed based on Tabellae’s Best Practice package, which includes a range of standard documents ready to use. As a result, Geveko Markings was quickly tested and went live on time and within budget on the document part.

“Over 90% of our documents are now standard and we easily make customizations ourselves. Thanks to Tabellae, we have achieved our goal of standardized documents”

Torben Andersen, Head of IT, Geveko Markings Denmark A/S


  • Standardized documents
  • Easier document management
  • Regulatory compliance across borders
  • Easily meet customer requirements
  • Fast time-to-market because document changes can be made in-house

Easy maintenance of documents

Geveko Markings now uses Lasernet for both scanning incoming invoices and all the classic outgoing documents; invoices, purchase orders, delivery notes, bank statements, etc. “We can get something done quickly because the documents are created from standard templates. Should we need to make adjustments in relation to brand or local legal requirements, we can make small adjustments ourselves,” says Torben Andersen.

Great collaboration with Tabellae

“We have had a great collaboration with Tabellae, who brought in both a Danish solution architect and an American consultant. It worked really effectively when we implemented in different time zones.
After implementation, collaboration has continued to be good. The internal support hotline works really well, and Tabellae has been very helpful with document changes if we don’t want or have time to make them,” concludes Torben Andersen.