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“We can easily adapt documents to new legal requirements”

For Feralco it’s important to have a supported ERP. Therefore, when Microsoft announced that AX2009 was at the end of life, they decided after a pre-study to implement Dynamics 365 FO. When they had upgraded ERP globally, they chose Tabellae to help them with their business documents and Sara Lilja, ERP Responsible, explains why.

About Feralco

Feralco is a Swedish leading manufacturer of high-performance water treatment and process chemicals.
Feralco has +280 employees at their 17 production sites in 8 European countries.

How it all started…

“We were pleased with the AX2009 installation, and everything worked well. For several years, we had developed the system and the SSRS reports to support our needs. During the prestudy, we learned that SSRS reports in Dynamics 365 would require a lot of development and that they were difficult for us to change if the requirements changed”.

Easy changes by ourselves

“The main reason for choosing Tabellae was that we wanted to make smaller changes ourselves. We had been in contact with Tabellae for several years prior to our upgrade, and discussed whether we should have Lasernet as an ISV for document management instead of standard SSRS reports. When we upgraded
to D365 FO, we chose Tabellae to implement Lasernet, and now we can easily make minor changes ourselves without consultants”.

“Small adjustments no longer require consultants, and this flexibility saves us a lot of time and costs”

Sara Lilja, ERP Responsible, Feralco

Adapts quickly to new requirements

The most significant value addition comes from the streamlined document customization process: “As a company selling chemicals, we have many special requirements, and they’re only increasing in the future. To mention a few:

  • International requirements: Comprehensive documentation of CMR documents for chemical transportation by road.
  • Local requirements: From sites where we are not the only company, e.g. special documents for a truck to get through the gates.
  • Online requirements: Different requirements for documents based on their distribution form, e.g. when printing a sales order confirmation, we must print a second page, but not when emailing it.

Managing these requirements used to be complex and time consuming. With Lasernet, we have harmonized our communication with one standard CMR document for the entire company, and we can quickly make changes to meet our user’s needs anywhere”.

Successful global rollout – run remotely

“We successfully completed a global rollout, transitioning all of our entities to D365 FO – and we did it all remotely due to Covid. The entire project and all training were run remotely, and it worked well with Teams meetings and workshops with the consultants from Tabellae”.


  • Successful global rollout – including 8 countries and run remotely
  • Cost cutting by making their own layouts at a lower cost
  • Time saved by automating manual work
  • Removed risk of manual errors
  • Less resources spent

Collaborative success

“The collaboration worked great. It was a pleasure to work with Tabellae’s consultants, who understood our needs, and we will no longer need assistance for making smaller changes. However, as we grow and get new, larger projects, new documents, more companies, or countries, we would like Tabellae to point us in the right direction”, Sara finishes.