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Customer cases

KONE thinks smart and achieves big savings

‘Smart thinking’ is a code word at KONE. For 2 years they had been looking for a
intelligent billing solution. The answer was Lasernet, which was implemented in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

About KONE

KONE develops and delivers People Flow® solutions, such as elevators,
escalators, moving walkways, automatic doors and gates.

The company employs 52,000 people in 60 countries and has more than 400,000 customers worldwide. The company uses the ERP system SAP.

Need a global platform for local customization

As a global company with a common ERP platform, local customization can be a challenge. In the worst case scenario, the adjustments can destroy setups somewhere else in the world or mistakenly overwrite something. Therefore, local customizations typically have to go through a lengthy approval process and testing before being rolled out widely.

KONE Scandinavia saw more and more format and layout requirements from customers. Invoices needed to be more presentable and user-friendly and fit into the recipient’s formats. Not an easy task with the ERP system SAP, which is relatively difficult to change.

Smart thinking

In the KONE Group, there is a constant focus on identifying smart ways of doing things. Employees are encouraged to contribute with ‘KONE Way’ business processes, which, if good enough, will become the standard across countries.

Benny Avenstrup, Business Process Change Manager, saw a potential
in improving both layout and workflows around invoices. “Lasernet seemed flexible and user-friendly, and I could see that our Key Users could support all 3 countries and back each other up during vacations and sick leave”.

“Lasernet has really made it significantly cheaper. It’s flexible, easy and quick to use”

Benny Avenstrup, Process Change Manager for Denmark, Norway and Sweden, KONE


  • 16 SEK per invoice saved
  • Quick document changes
  • Individual country requirements are met
  • More professional invoices
  • Greater flexibility

Flexibility and smarter workflows

Extraordinarily, he got the go-ahead for a local solution that allowed invoices to be sent by email, print and e-invoice, and approvals are now done internally. This avoids a long test period and allows you to adapt customer requirements quickly and individually in the three countries. It’s easier to fulfill customer requests, but it’s also easier to turn good ideas from employees into action. The layout has also been cleaned up and made user-friendly, so customers know exactly what they’re paying for.

Big savings and satisfied customers

“In the past, there were many requests and questions from our customers, and today
we hear nothing. We see this as good news,” says Benny Avenstrup and continues “We have calculated that in Sweden alone we save approx. 16 kr. per invoice. Lasernet has really made it significantly cheaper. It’s flexible, easy and quick to use. “You just move the elements where you want them and you’re done.”

Great support and trustworthy partner

“If we call for help, Tabellae finds the time to help us and we’ve had really good support. This means a lot, as delays in invoicing cost us a lot of money. Tabellae is a really good and reliable partner. It’s been great!”, concludes Benny Avenstrup.