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Automation has improved compliance and competitiveness

When Meggitt switched from Nav to BC, it was crucial that the company was able to meet current and future requirements for traceability and compliance as efficiently as possible. Meggitt received a Best Practice solution from Tabellae, which has eliminated many manual processes and enabled Meggitt to say yes to almost every conceivable request from customers.

About Meggitt

Meggitt produces and sells components for, among other things, aerospace, defense and medico industries – all industries with high compliance requirements.

Meggitt is listed on the stock exchange and operates all over the world. Meggitt employs approx. 100 people in Denmark, where the company was using Navision before choosing Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Standard output didn’t live up to requirements

However, it was not a given initially that Lasernet would be part of Meggitt’s Dynamics 365 BC solution. “We had many requirements for the content, distribution and archiving of our documents. Unfortunately, surprisingly little was part of the standard system. We needed a lot of adjustments, because the standard output did not live up to our requirements at all. We ended up choosing Tabellae and Lasernet to automate the output, which has created many business benefits,” says CFO Mickey Minor Nielsen.

Traceability and label management included
“In regard to traceability, we previously had to physically print invoices and delivery notes so that we could ‘recreate’ what they looked like at the time of dispatch. We don’t need to do this with Lasernet thanks to the archiving feature. Lasernet also had label management built in, so we ended up being able to drop a special solution we already had.”

“We saw clear advantages in automating – setting up parameters based on the customer’s requests and getting the system to do all the work for us.”

Mickey Minor Nielsen, CFO, Meggitt A/S

Meet different customer requirements

“Our customers have very individual requirements, such as dispatching to several destinations or including special content on individual documents. We also have to deal with multiple trade compliance and export compliance-related requirements.”

“All these requirements meant that some had to be handled manually. That’s why we saw so many benefits to being able to set up some parameters based on the customers’ wishes and to getting the system to do all the work for us,” says Mickey Minor Nielsen. We now handle a large part of the administrative jobs via Lasernet instead of manually, and this minimizes the risk of errors.

Motivating to see changes right away

“After a little training from Tabellae, we have been able to correct small changes ourselves and only use external help for development tasks. Tabellae have been responsive and shown us the possibilities in relation to our specific market. It is motivating for us to be able to adapt a lot ourselves and see the effect of the changes in Lasernet’s development environment almost immediately. It has made people curious about functionalities and has really given the employees a sense of ownership.”

Increased competitiveness

Overall, the investment has been excellent. The net expense for Tabellae ends up not being much higher than if we hadn’t used it, and is offset to that extent by ongoing savings and business gains.

When you are in a high price segment, you, as a customer, expect a higher service. Our ability to meet individual wishes and provide the information needed by the customer, contributes to the overall customer experience. The perceived quality goes beyond the qualities around the product, and also covers the entire service and the professional handling that our customers experience. There is no doubt that the solution from Tabellae helps sharpen our position in the market.


  • Saved time on manual processes
  • Professional documents that live up to customers’ individual requirements
  • Changes can be quickly implemented and made in-house
  • ‘Yes’ to individual customer requests