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“For many years, one partner has stood out positively – Tabellae”

Dynea faced a complex task of modernizing its business processes and managing an increasing number of business documents, along with changing requirements from authorities, customers, and suppliers. Bjørn Rosbach, the IT manager at Dynea, explains why Tabellae was the chosen solution.

About Dynea

Dynea is a Norwegian company with a leading market position in Europe, specializing in the development and manufacturing of wood adhesives. Dynea employs 280 people at its locations in Norway, Denmark, Hungary, and Austria.

40 years of technological advancements and processes developments

“Tabellae was crucial for a successful implementation and a seamless transition. In my 40 years as an IT manager at Dynea, I have witnessed significant technological advancements and massive developments in business processes.

Throughout my tenure, one name consistently stood out as a reliable and innovative partner in implementing and managing our business solutions – Tabellae.

When we embarked on the implementation of AX 2012, it was crucial to choose the right partner. After careful consideration, we chose Tabellae, and it proved to be a wise decision. Their expertise and dedication were crucial for the successful implementation of AX 2012 and ensured a smooth transition for our organization”, Bjørn Rosbach, IT Manager explains.

Good results and business understanding.

“Recently, during the implementation of Dynamics 365 F&O, there was no doubt in my mind that Tabellae was the partner we needed. Their proven results and deep understanding of our business made them the obvious choice. Once again, they exceeded our expectations and played a crucial role in the seamless implementation of Dynamics 365 F&O at Dynea,” he says.

We can easily merge data from different systems

“One of the biggest challenges we face at Dynea is handling numerous business documents that require frequent adjustments to comply with changing requirements from authorities, customers, and suppliers.

Tabellae’s solution has been invaluable in addressing this challenge. I am particularly impressed with the functionality and flexibility that eliminates the need for coding. A crucial detail is that we can easily merge and consolidate data and information from different systems, increasing coherence in our system landscape and allowing us to quickly adapt to the constantly changing reality”


  • Successful implementation
  • Smooth transition for the organization
  • Easy adaptation to changing requirements from authorities, customers, and suppliers
  • Easy merging and consolidation of data and information from different systems, making it easier to adapt to the constantly changing reality
  • Strong support from Tabellae
  • Positive impact on operations

They go the extra mile to meet our needs

“Furthermore, Tabellae stands out for their outstanding experience in output management. We have been able to outsource specific tasks to Tabellae with confidence in their expertise and reliability. They have proven to be the most experienced service partner in this area, consistently delivering first-class results.”

“Working with Tabellae has been a partnership built on trust, competence, and a shared commitment to excellent results. They go the extra mile to meet our needs, and I am grateful for their support and the positive impact they have had on Dynea’s operations. I highly recommend Tabellae to any organization seeking a reliable and innovative partner for the implementation and management of their business documents.” Bjørn Rosbach concludes.