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Customer cases
Teknisk Landsforbund

Automated handling of 40,000 annual letters

Teknisk Landsforbund experienced an increasing workload for the administrative staff, who had to send member communications by post to their approximately 30,000 members. They digitized their member communication with the market’s most user-friendly tool to efficiently manage and distribute documents themselves.

About Teknisk Landsforbund

Teknisk Landsforbund is a modern professional organization for creative technicians, designers and constructors. Teknisk Landsforbund also includes Teknikernes A-kasse, TAK. Teknisk Landsforbund has approximately 30,000 members and has nine local branches across Denmark.

Teknisk Landsforbund uses Tabellae’s One2One module for efficient
member communication.

Better member service with in-house management

The increasing workload on the administrative staff resulted in close collaboration with employees in the implementation of a new IT system, Get Organized, from Netcompany. At the same time, Teknisk Landsforbund, in collaboration with Tabellae, has implemented a Lasernet solution that automates the sending of letters to members. For those members who have email, the letters are sent electronically as PDF files, and for the few members who don’t use email, the letters are sent on paper by post.

If the letters are sent from one of the nine local chapters of the national association, Lasernet ensures that they are written on the local chapter’s own letterhead, even if they are sent via the shared EDH system.

In this way, Lasernet processes around 40,000 letters every year. The overall renewal project has resulted in a clear efficiency gain on the employee side, says Søren Fogde, IT Manager at the union.

Automate member communication

Before the implementation of a new EDH system and the solution from Tabellae, Teknisk Landsforbund experienced challenges with streamlining the administrative tasks associated with member communication and automating the sending of letters to members, either as a PDF
attached to an email or on paper.

“Lasernet was recommended to me by colleagues in my network, and it was good advice, because we have had a great collaboration with Tabellae throughout the project”

Søren Fogde, IT Manager, Teknisk Landsforbund


  • – Better member service
  • In-house management
  • Automated member communication
  • Efficient letter management
  • Up and running on time and on budget

The most user-friendly tool on the market

Teknisk Landforbund chose Lasernet from Tabellae to handle this challenge, as the product is the market’s most user-friendly tool for managing and distributing documents automatically.

Efficient letter management

Working with Tabellae, Teknisk Landsforbund achieved efficient handling of around 40,000 letters each year by automating the written communication to their members. In addition, it also resulted in significant efficiency gains on the employee side.

On-time operation and great collaboration

The Lasernet project was carried out in collaboration with Tabellae’s consultants in parallel with the introduction of the new EDH system, and it has gone according to plan, both in terms of time and finances.

Søren Fogde is therefore pleased with the decision to implement Lasernet in collaboration with Tabellae: “Lasernet was recommended to me by colleagues in my network, and it was good advice, because we have had a really good collaboration with Tabellae throughout the project. The good collaboration has continued now that the solution is in place and we have a punch card arrangement with their Customer Operations department. Among other things, the voucher allows us to continuously further develop our Lasernet solution”.