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Customer cases
3F – Fagligt fælles forbund

Better member service saves 3F 10 million annually

Digital member communication requires an efficient mailing and document management tool. During the research phase, 3F quickly realized that large-scale solutions were very expensive and difficult to manage. They chose the pragmatic Lasernet One2One tool from Tabellae, which they could manage themselves and has saved them millions.

About 3F

The trade union 3F is Denmark’s largest and strongest trade union, which
represents approximately 265,000 members who the union works to ensure decent working conditions, educational opportunities and wages. 3F has almost 160 branch and service offices across the country.

3F uses Tabellae’s One2One module for effective member communication.

Better member service with in-house management

The solution enabled Denmark’s largest trade union to provide better member service with simple processes and a better overview of member communication. Before Lasernet One2One was implemented, 3F sent out around one million letters per year by post to their members. “The
financial costs for printing, postage and shipping were huge. In addition, it was cumbersome and slow to correct the letters, as that part of the process was handled by an external partner,” says Michael Olsen, whose mission was clear: “We wanted to digitize all letters and handle the task ourselves. The goal was to save time and money. We have achieved both – and more.”

Digitalization minimizes mail volume

“At the beginning of digitalization, we had to create a number of letter templates for regular letters, benefit specifications, reminders, etc. Here we benefited greatly from Lasernet’s phrase system, where you have a basic letter but can add legal phrases as needed. This way you can significantly reduce the number of templates, which has been a great advantage”.

“We save around DKK 10 million a year, and it’s tangible! In addition, we handle the job ourselves, unlike before, which makes for a much more efficient process.”

Michael Olsen, CIO, 3F


  • Saves DKK 10 million annually
  • Manage membership documents yourself
  • Great collaboration with Tabellae

Everything in one place

With the letter templates in place, it was time to look at the broadcasts. “Before, we had a multi-channel strategy, which meant that members received letters from different channels. However, members had a hard time figuring out if the letters came in e-Boks or by post. Today, we have gathered all communication in the members’ virtual mailbox on our self-service site, which is a great help for both members and caseworkers. However, we still send a few letters by post – for example, reminders and other important information”.

Savings of 10 million

Michael is in no doubt about the benefits of working with Tabellae: “We save around DKK 10 million a year on printing, enveloping and shipping
with Tabellae’s digital letter and document management solution Lasernet One2One. It’s palpable! In addition, unlike before, we handle the job ourselves, which makes for a much more efficient process. The huge savings and the ability to consolidate member communications in one place has only been possible because the implementation was so easy and quick”.

The right partner

Michael hasn’t regretted choosing Tabellae over a larger supplier. “The advantage of working with a smaller company is that they are much more agile, whereas larger companies tend to be bureaucratic. Tabellae has been very persistent. They have been good at sticking with the task until it was solved. At the same time, they reacted quickly and threw everything they had in their hands the few times they needed to. Tabellae’s competence level is very high and they undoubtedly know their product. They have therefore been an active partner that I find both reliable and serious,” concludes Michael.