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30 years of Output Management

30 years. Few companies stay loyal to a piece of software for so long. Trioworld has had Lasernet since 1989 and we went to the company to celebrate – with cake. It was an inspiring talk about print development over time, climate and high ambitions.

About Triowolrd

Trioplast produces plastics for industry, agriculture, transportation and more.

Until 1997, when the company was acquired by Trioplast, it was called Nyborg
Plastic. In 2018, Trioplast was acquired by a private equity fund with international
growth plans. In 2021, Trioplast and AFP merged to form Trioworld.

Trioworld is at the forefront of recycling and circular thinking.
Today, 25% of plastic is recycled and this figure is increasing significantly.

Trioworld has 10 production sites in Sweden, Denmark and France. The company has an external finance system, but has for 45 years run a proprietary ERP system; OPOF (Follow-up, Planning, Order, Invoicing). Lasernet is used for Output Management.

Co-development with Lasernet

In 1989, the company was called Nyborg Plast. This is where Michael Rasmussen and
Søren Bjerre with the company’s IT solutions. Søren had been with us since 1970 and Michael since 1987. In connection with rationalizations in 1989, Nyborg Plast needed a better printing solution, and the two enthusiasts were therefore involved in
further develop Lasernet and code the very first prototype of the DZ LaserBox in close collaboration with the manufacturer itself.

A big news in 1989

Nyborg Plast was a bit of a punchline, and several media outlets showed interest in the story. In 1989, there were no other printing solutions on the market. For order processing, pre-printed forms were printed on pre-printed forms where it was difficult to make the text fit the pre-print. 10 copies were printed on carbon paper, and daily life consisted of managing trays, drawers and endless piles of paper through a needle printer. Document management was cumbersome.

Nyborg Plast continuously acquired more sister companies. Here, it was smart that you could simply load one blank paper into the printer and print different logos and text on it – and print – that’s what Trioworld does.

“We’ve never really seriously considered anything other than Lasernet… It’s economically really sensible, this”

Søren Bjerre, IT Manager and Supply Chain Manager, Trioworld


  • Flexible and easy to implement new businesses in a highly competitive market
  • 100% uptime
  • Easily adjust small changes
  • Saves various internal processes

Large Output volumes

Today, Lasernet is the hub for all output. Everything is run through Lasernet; pallet tags, pick lists, labels, etc. A total of 150 different forms are processed annually in huge volumes, including several million labels.

Global rollout

The plastics industry is highly competitive and therefore the company must be
constantly evolving. Trioworld, formerly Nyborg Plast, acquired various companies as early as 1989 – and they have continued to do so. In 1997, Nyborg Plast became Trioplast, and in 2018, Trioplast was acquired by a private equity fund with big ambitions – a 5-year goal of doubling turnover, among other things through the acquisition of a number of companies. international acquisitions. Here, Lasernet supports the global rollout perfectly. The software makes it flexible and much easier to implement new companies. In 2021, two of Europe’s leading companies in the industry, Trioplast and AFP, merged to form Trioworld.

“It’s easy”

“It doesn’t take many hours to run a form routine,” says Søren Bjerre. “We have the ‘mask’ ready and it’s quite simple. Even things that might be complicated in other systems, such as the fact that our terms and conditions are on the back. It’s quite easy for us to adjust small changes, we can do a lot of it ourselves and we also save on various processes. For example, we put an image of the label directly on the back of the order confirmation, instead of printing a label separately”.

“We demand 100% uptime”

Søren is excited about the stability and reliability of Lasernet. “Production runs in three shifts 24-7. Production downtime is therefore very expensive for us and we don’t have any of that with Lasernet,” he says.

The best solution on the market

In connection with the merger of Nyborg Plast and Trioplast in 1997, the company wanted a single output solution for the entire group. Michael says: “We looked at alternative solutions, but we chose to roll out the Lasernet solution that Nyborg Plast already had to the entire group internationally.

Alternative solutions either had a click tax and were thus far too expensive – or they
was inflexible. Lasernet is much easier and we are happy with that choice – also in Sweden and France, where we now have 4 Lasernet servers across the sister companies”.

Trioworld is well equipped for the future. After an exciting talk and tour, we were able to say ‘See you soon’ and thank you for the first 30 years to Michael Rasmussen, Søren Bjerre and their colleagues – who also liked the cake.