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Lasernet Best Practice package

For the advanced and international ERP needs

The Tabellae Lasernet implementation package is designed for those who want optimal capabilities to quickly respond to changing customer and regulatory requirements across markets. With Lasernet, you get a ‘Swiss army knife’ that can efficiently solve any imaginable problem, no matter how much your business evolves.

The Best Practice package includes predefined configurations before, during, and after ERP go-live, such as:

  • Implementation guide
  • Project Scope Report
  • Issue logs with Azure DevOps
  • Project methodology and process flow
  • Project model tailored to document development and QA
  • Guidance for testing processes
  • Go-live assistance

From Invoice to Sales Tool

Add elements to your dull transaction documents and transform them into sales documents.

Document templates based on more than 10 years of experience

We have selected the most common business documents, and they are included in the package as standard.

Basic package

As standard, a wide range of document templates is included. They are ready for use in their current form or can be further customized to meet individual needs. A fixed template provides a better outcome with fewer iterations during testing and approval, consistency in delivery and easy maintenance and customization in the future.

The document package consists of both configuration and implementation of business documents:

  • Pre-configured configurations
  • Best Practice implementation
  • Documents prepared for OIOUBL, SVEinvoice, EHF, Finvoice and PEPPOL
  • Script package for easy document customization

The Document Package consists of predefined templates for the most common business documents. The documents are intended for companies using Dynamics 365 regardless of industry. Our design templates include, for example, Offers, Order confirmation, Packing list, Delivery note, Label, Invoice and Payment Reminder.

All templates contain layouts, fields, labels, and DDS (Document Design Specification) for each document, ensuring documentation for after commissioning.

Electronic document package

An e-invoice package can be purchased if you use electronic documents for trading in Dynamics 365

The pre-configured electronic documents for OIOUBL, SVE invoice, EHF, Finvoice and Peppol include:

  • Free text invoice
  • Sales invoice
  • Payment reminder
  • Credit note free text
  • Sales order credit note
Want to hear more?

We are happy to share examples of documents we have developed for other customers. Contact me and let’s talk about your needs.

Lennart Garbarsch, Partner