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Microsoft Configurable Business Documents (CBD) Best Practice package

For the basic ERP needs

Microsoft Configurable Business Documents/Electronic Reporting is a “license-free” solution for Dynamics ERP projects with stable, non-changing documents and with no need for global rollouts and adjustments. Tabellae’s expert team maximizes your project success with a focus on clean financial documents like account statements, order confirmations, and invoices.

Get started properly using Best Practices

Tabellae’s Microsoft Configurable Business Documents Best Practice package is an ‘Implementation accelerator’ with tools, configurations, methods, processes and Output Management experience gathered since 2011.

It works a great starting point for an ERP project and consists of the following:

  • Document expertise
  • Pre-configured configurations
  • Document templates
  • Project Management
  • Implementation of business documents

3 designs to choose from

While MS Configurable Business Documents/Electronic Reporting (CBD) offers limited design options as a standard feature, Tabellae’s specialists have enriched the software. Tabellae’s Document package significantly enhances the standard offering with three pre-configured layouts tailored to your preferences, elevating the software beyond its standard capabilities.

Document templates

The document package consists of predefined templates for the most common business documents for MS Dynamics 365. 

The Document Package will be imported as ER (Electronic Reporting) configurations (shared between all legal entities) and the design templates include:

  • Collection Letter
  • Interest Note
  • Customer Account Statement
  • Free Text Invoice
  • Sales Agreement Confirmation
  • Sales Quotation
  • Sales Order Confirmation
  • Sales Packing Slip
  • Sales Invoice
  • PSA Project Quotation
  • PSA Project Invoice
  • Purchase Agreement Confirmation
  • Request for Quote
  • Purchase Order Inquiry
  • Purchase Order Confirmation
  • Purchase Packing Slip

Implementation skills you can trust

The world’s most specialized experts and a proven implementation model.

Tabellae has the world’s most comprehensive Output Management knowledge in one place. With over 70 Document Management specialists, you’re in capable hands. Our specialists possess in-depth knowledge, from electronic invoicing to international document standards and beyond.

We’ve anticipated a wide range of risk scenarios and potential requirements. For instance, we ask the right questions from the outset, tame the complexity, and understand the scope of your business needs. This approach makes the project more predictable, preventing any endangerment of your project.

A team of dedicated and experienced CBD experts takes responsibility for the document part of the ERP project, so you have to worry about as little as possible.

Want to hear more?

We are happy to share our experience from MS Configurable Business Documents project for other customers.

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Lennart Garbarsch, Partner