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Standard makes it easy for us to onboard new dealers

Agility means the world to Semler in the digital transformation towards a standardized IT landscape. Changes to customer segments, products and brands need to be embraced in a flexible way – without coding yourself yellow and green. Semler has found the solution.

About Semler

The SEMLER Group is engaged in the import, retail sale and leasing of luxury cars as well as the sale and service of agricultural machinery. The group employs over 2,400 people and is organized into five divisions.
The company was founded in 1917 and has around 140 dealers. SEMLER has been using Lasernet since 2018 – first in conjunction with Dynamics 2012 and then with Dynamics 365 FO. Semler’s ERP partner is Columbus.

Minimized complexity with standard software

“Before Dynamics 365 FO, we were using a mainframe system and the two systems are like two different worlds. We were advised by our skilled ERP house to run Standardsofware for output management to minimize complexity. As a result, today we can provide dealers with a standard setup, so we don’t have to spend time on customization.”
say Jan and Allan from Semler.

Avoid scare scenarios with Standard

“Before the implementation, we had heard of horror scenarios where entire departments were sitting around maintaining forms. We wanted to avoid that. We quickly realized that if we had to maintain our 140 dealerships, each with 4-5 departments, it would be completely unmanageable.”

“We’ve been able to provide dealers with a standard setup that they are happy with and where we don’t have to spend time customizing”

Jan Sundby Olsen, System Administrator, SEMLER IT A/S

Easy to add new groups and grow

“Our 140 dealers are currently split into 2 parallel tracks – our own stores make up about half, external stores that are privately owned make up the other half. If at some point we want to add a new user group, it’s easy to copy the environment and run it in parallel.”

Standardized onboarding new users

“The dialog with our new dealers is easy. The dealer is presented with one invoice layout, one bank statement layout, etc. Only the logo needs to be replaced – the rest is standard. This gets the reseller up and running in no time. It’s possible to make good suggestions, but you need good arguments – and then change it for all dealers at once. That’s why we now only change and move the form 1-2 times a year.”

Keep it simple

“For others getting started with Dynamics and Lasernet, we would recommend keeping it as simple as possible. Make sure the business understands what work it will be if you have to change reports all the time. Create some good standard forms that everyone can use, e.g. based on reports they are already happy with.
If you want more special features like QR codes, overlay/advertising campaigns, you can do it individually in the different companies without the parent company having to do anything.”


  • Customized documents that support brand identity
  • Quick document changes that can be made in-house

A broad palette that’s easy to use

“We are very happy with Lasernet. You don’t need to have significant prior knowledge, for example of graphics – I think that’s important. It’s a simple product that is very self-explanatory and easy to use and maintain.

There are many opportunities to use Lasernet for even more than we already do, such as electronic invoicing and bank transfers, which could also be run through Lasernet.

In addition, we are considering using it for marketing purposes. We see great opportunities to add service messages to users such as ‘Now is the time to change winter tires’ etc. Lasernet is really a broad palette that can be used for many things”.