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“The project always ends well with Tabellae”

VP John Sinnbeck chooses Tabellae to reduce risks and make ERP projects more predictable. So do other leading ERP houses.

There are two types of projects. Ones that succeed and ones that don’t

The best-in-class ERP vendors leave the document part to Tabellae to:

  • Remove problems, complexity and risk
  • make it easier to time estimate and go live within scope
  • Expand resources on projects
  • Focus on ERP delivery
  • Improve the overall customer solution

Fixed earnings – without doing anything

A partnership with Tabellae is good business for the entire lifetime of the system – from implementation, to rollout and subsequent maintenance.

You get a rock-solid, recurring revenue stream on both the first project and subsequent development projects, which typically extend over many years.

We have our customers for more than 8 years on average, which is why a partnership with Tabellae is a great business case. This is because there are many opportunities for upselling throughout the period, e.g. by expanding application areas, purchasing add-ons, IMS and AMS services.

“We include Tabellae as standard in all our solutions. Anything else would be too risky”

Thomas Johansson, Sales Manager

We complement your competencies

Tabellae Best Practice consists of 7 services that together make time-consuming tasks like document maintenance an easy and manageable task for your customers.

Retain customers for longer

Cloud has shortened implementation time and increased uptime. This increases the need for preventive services and additional functionality that you can offer your customers throughout the lifetime of the system. Tabellae’s services fit into your AMS setup and increase operational stability after go-live.

Application Management Services (AMS):
Fx Release Planning, Monitoring, Testing and Document Security.

Add-ons (both free and optional):
E.g. EDI and dynamic labels that enrich your customers’ document solution.

Tabellae works with the same systems as you, e.g. DevOps. With us ‘behind the scenes’ as Document Management experts, you can become your customers’ total advisor and retain them longer than ever before.

ERP vendors recommend Tabellae
Kjeld Ohland-Andersen,
Solution Architect
Fewer surprises

“We always start with the Output part – otherwise we wouldn’t know what needs to go into the system. With Tabellae, there are fewer surprises and panic solutions are avoided.”

Thomas Johansson,
Sales Manager
It just works!

“There is a high level of trust between us and when we include Tabellae in our projects, it just works!”

John Sinnbeck,
VP Business Line Executive
Projects always end well

“It’s simply a pleasure to be able to record Tabellae every time and know that the project always ends well”

Do what you’re good at – we’ll do the rest

Expand your team with +70 specialists
Tabellae has the world’s most comprehensive Output Management knowledge. Our +70 specialists have in-depth knowledge of e-invoicing, international document standards and much more.

As a partner, you have access to all the necessary specialist knowledge. You avoid having to hire your own consultants at a time when it’s difficult to attract and retain ERP specialists.

We help you succeed
Tabellae has the experience and tools to help you cut corners and deliver an efficient project.

600 customers in all industries
98% of our customers are very satisfied

“Tabellae completely removed the risks in the project; late requirements were handled, resources were added as needed and the level of knowledge was really high.”

METTE BORGQUIST, CFO Quick time-to-market

“With Tabellae, we’re easy to do business with. We can meet our customers’ digital demands, appear professional and adapt quickly to a changing market.”

JENS ENGBO NORDDAHL, CEO On time. On budget.

“What Tabellae said they could and would deliver, we have. It was exactly as defined and without the disruption of having to revisit things.”

Offer webinars to your customers
Deep Dive for ERP architects

Educating you internally.

Output Management for manufacturing

16 ways to work smarter with ERP reports and workflows in the manufacturing industry.

Efficient exchange of electronic documents

Manage EDI with Tabellae.

Want to create a whitepaper or webinar together?

As a Tabellae partner, you can use us to attract, develop and retain your customers. Together, we are happy to develop activities that make it even more attractive to be your customer. For example

  • Joint whitepaper release in your name
  • Inspirational video for your customers, e.g. 15 overlooked ways to use Output Management
  • Webinar for specific industries
  • Seminar that empowers your solution architects. E.g. ‘Technical deep dive’ in selected software
  • Posts about the latest news in ERP documents

Write or call me for a chat about the possibilities.

Marie Høybye, Head of Marketing