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Lasernet for Infor M3, Oracle and IFS

The Swiss Army Knife that solves every problem imaginable

Make document management simple with Lasernet for Infor M3, Oracle and IFS

Is your Output Management time-consuming, difficult to use and expensive to maintain? Replace your solution with Lasernet Output Management and achieve:

  1. No coding directly in the business system
  2. Time savings for document management
  3. Streamlined document management workflows
  4. Easy document creation, maintenance and distribution
  5. A cost-effective solution

Add more value to your ERP solution with Lasernet

With Tabellae, you can add even more value to your overall ERP solution from Infor M3, Oracle or IFS.

Tabellae delivers and implements the software component, Lasernet Output Management, to manage the company’s incoming and outgoing business documents.

Lasernet is a standard software for designing, formatting and distributing outbound documents, reports and printouts such as invoices, quotes, picking slips and labels via drag and drop technology.

The solution makes it possible to avoid coding documents and reports directly in the business system and replaces StreamServe, IDM and Reporting Services, among others.

Benefits of Lasernet from Tabellae
Quickly maintain ERP documents
Facilitates report customization for IT
Personalized documents

Recognized document management software in Infor M3, Oracle and IFS

Tabellae offers one of the most reputable Output Management solutions on the market. Lasernet is the Nordic region’s most widely used standard software for output management and is used by more than 2,500 companies worldwide.

Fits all ERP systems

Lasernet can be integrated into all IT systems, e.g. CRM systems, ERP systems and SQL databases. The software component is suitable for e.g.

  • Infor M3, Oracle, IFS and Visma
  • Dynamics 365 Finance & Operation
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Dynamics AX3, AX4, AX2009 and AX2012
  • NAV 2013-2018
  • SAP

Avoid coding reports directly in Infor M3, Oracle and IFS

ERP systems are primarily designed to process and display data on screens. The weakest link in ERP development is typically the creation of physical or electronic documents.

The integrated Output Management function of the business system that supports printing and document management typically has major functional limitations, is complex, inflexible and time-consuming to manage.

Worse still, when the system is later upgraded, the work is typically lost because you’re coding directly into the ERP system.

See easy how to guides with Lasernet and much more at our Technical Knowledge Base.

Is Lasernet right for you?

Contact me to schedule a free pre-analysis to find out if Lasernet is the optimal solution for you.

Lennart Garbarsch, Partner