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IT implementation and operations consultant

Are you the one we’re looking for?

Tabellae is an ambitious Input and Output Management consultancy that implements ERP documents such as quotes and invoices that are faster to design and maintain.

We specialize in implementing document management solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 that reduce risk, time and cost for our customers.

We are growing rapidly and are often looking to add new employees to our Danish offices in Br√łndby and Vejle.

About the job

The purpose of the IT Implementation and Operations Consultant role is to design documents and forms
based on defined criteria and specifications.

You will be part of our Customer Operations team, which assists existing customers with SLA support, incidents, changes, new developments, upgrades and valuable advice to ensure a reliable document management solution for the future.

You configure document management software, e.g. Lasernet or CBD, based on the data provided, such as
documents and forms are in the specified layout and contain the specified information in the desired format. You’ll also participate in estimating, testing and documenting the job.

As an IT Implementation and Operations Consultant at Tabellae, you and your skilled colleagues will be on the front line for our customers. You will be involved in and partly responsible for implementing output management solutions based on different software components according to customer requirements.

Daily tasks

Your day will be filled with tasks that include:

– Receive cases from our dispatcher and communicate with customers and provide valuable consulting work for them
– Estimate tasks based on set criteria
– Ensure that the data received is sufficient to complete the task
– (Re)design documents and forms in software components based on given criteria and specifications
– Support customers who encounter incidents in their setup and troubleshoot the cause
– Conduct unit tests on documents and forms based on the given criteria and specifications
– Document all work based on criteria and specifications
– Ensure all document design, development and documentation is based on Tabellae best practice guidelines
– Daily time tracking on tasks and projects.

About you

The background and technical skills needed to succeed as an IT implementation and operations consultant at Tabellae can vary from person to person. However, we have put together a minimum set of skills/experience that we hope to see in all candidates:


  • Ability to de-escalate and focus on delivering solutions
  • Ability to talk to professionals at different levels and backgrounds
  • Ability to listen, communicate and empathize while gaining buy-in for action plans
  • Mastery of written customer-facing communication

Experience with system implementation

  • 3-5 years of successful system implementations of CRM, ERP or niche market software solutions
  • Knowledge of implementation workflow of requirements gathering, configuration, documentation, testing, training, hypercare (Go Live), etc.
  • Basic knowledge of database administration/management concepts – familiar with table relationships, keys, etc.
  • Some experience/literacy in code, e.g. basic HTML, modifying source code in software solutions and basic math expressions
  • Comfortable with pair programming and working in a team to produce a deliverable
  • Experience working in teams with multiple stakeholders: partners, customers, customer-partners, project management consultants.


  • Customer-focused attitude and excellent communication skills
  • 100% committed to customer satisfaction and know the importance of customer perception
  • Accepting the need for “all hands on deck” situations


  • “Trust nothing” and understand the importance of test, test and test again
  • Aware of performance impacts and always looking for an approach that future-proofs solutions
  • Extreme caution – backup, backup, backup!
  • High attention to detail – customers will look for the details
  • Has an eye for what can go wrong and works proactively to address potential red flags

Globally oriented

  • Any combination of: experience abroad, experience working for a global organization, experience working in multicultural teams
  • Awareness of cultural sensitivities and the ability to communicate effectively on global teams

Training and presentation

  • Experience offering customer-facing training sessions, webinars, conference presentations

Education and training

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Business Administration, Information Systems, International Business, Computer Sciences, etc.

Tabellae as a workplace

We offer an exciting position in a company where customer focus, professionalism, employee satisfaction and entrepreneurship are key values and where decisions are made quickly based on the given situation and facts. Your colleagues will be located in our offices in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Portugal, Germany and the USA.

Tabellae was founded in Denmark in 2010, and today we are the largest and fastest growing provider of document management solutions in the world with experience from +600 implementation projects. We provide our customers with solutions that deliver high-quality external documents that meet the requirements of their customers, suppliers and public authorities.

How to apply

If you find this position relevant for the next step in your career, please send an application and CV to or contact our Customer Operations Manager, Julie Vieth, at for more information about the position.

Julie Vieth, Manager – Customer Operations IMS