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Test & Performance Tool for Lasernet

Test and measure the performance of your reports

Having trouble testing Lasernet reports after upgrading or measuring the performance of your business documents?

Then you can solve the problems with our Test and Performance suite. It helps you secure your Lasernet report generation in D365 and measure report performance. The tool is relevant for those who want automated, improved and targeted testing.

The product contains both

  • Test tool
  • Performance tool

The test tool

Make it easier to test your setup after upgrading

  • Test Lasernet reports after changes or upgrades to D365 or the Lasernet Connector.
  • Test scenarios can be run manually or as automated tests.
  • Testing the report compares a generated report with a saved expected report after upgrading.

The main purpose of the test is to validate Lasernet report generation after upgrading. It does not replace Unit tests.

The Performance Tool

For those who want high performance

The tool gives you:

  • Ability to create batch jobs and measure performance for large jobs.
  • Ability to see how the Lasernet solution performs at peak loads in collaboration with Dynamics 365.

Get excited!

This 30-minute demo in English shows you how to:

  • Creates checkpoints and selects test data
  • Creates automated tests
  • Validate your Lasernet reports after upgrading
  • Measures laser performance
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Kristian Truesen, Key Account Manager