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EDI – Efficient exchange of electronic documents

Let Tabellae act as your EDI provider

The increasing focus on electronic document exchange, for example EDI invoices, EDI orders, etc. require an EDI system to support the process.

Lasernet Ouput Management, which handles your outbound documents, can also handle the exchange of EDI documents. EDI is already included in your solution – and there are no extra costs to use it.

In the webinar, you will hear how you can get:

  • Operational savings as everything doesn’t have to go through VANS
  • Save time because you can customize formats and changes before sending
  • Budget savings as the solution is not transaction-based
  • A demo of how it works

Overall, it’s a cheaper and faster solution than a standalone EDI solution.

For those who want to know more about the technical side

What can Lasernet for EDI be used for?

EDI is a powerful way to exchange or transfer information to trading partners quickly and efficiently – for all business sizes in different industries.

Among our customers:

  • In the logistics and transportation industry, EDI is often used to manage deliveries and bookings.
  • In the service and utility industry, EDI is often used to handle e-invoicing, also known as EDI invoicing.
  • EDI is used for everything from sales and purchase orders to order confirmations and invoices.

Manage both outbound documents and EDI with the same solution

If you work with EDI and have many suppliers, you’re probably familiar with the problem that not all customers and suppliers need the same format.

With Lasernet, you get a rule-based setup where:

  • Templates become easy to create and maintain. For example, you don’t need to create the same format 10 times, just once.
  • Avoid creating the same format for different customers
  • You can turn sections on/off, according to whether to use them or not.
  • You can more easily design and maintain business documents.
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Want to hear more?

Are you interested in our EElectronic Documents (EDI) tool or have questions?

Then feel free to write to me. I will then get back to you with a suggested time for a talk.

Lennart Garbarsch, Partner