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Dynamic Row Height in Excel with Electronic Reporting

– Unlock the full potential of Excel with dynamic row height using ER!

How to work with Dynamic Row Height in Excel

Are you working with Microsoft Configurable Business Documents or ER Excels? Then you have probably encountered truncated text issues when using Electronic Reporting due to Excel cells being too small or not dynamically wrapping the text.

You can learn how to effortlessly adjust row heights! In the video tutorial below by Tabellae’s consultant, Malte Lauridsen, we reveal how to seamlessly manage auto row height in Electronic Reporting, ensuring professional ERP reports.

This has not been done for all of Microsoft’s own configurations, but here at Tabellae, we have sorted that out for you with our Best Practice Package.

Discover our expert tips for making your rows dynamic in Configurable Business Documents and Excel templates, eliminating text truncation issues – and say goodbye to limitations and optimize your reporting process today!

Dynamic height in Excel rows
within D365 reports

In this video guide, our consultant Malte Lauridsen will teach you how to work with Dynamic Row Height in Excel with Electronic Reporting for Configurable Business Documents in Dynamics 365 FO.

What is Auto Row Height in Dynamics 365 ER?

In Dynamics 365, “auto row height” refers to the feature in Configurable Business Documents where the height of rows in tables adjusts automatically based on the content within them. This feature ensures that all content within the table cells is visible without truncation or overflowing.

When enabled, the row height will dynamically adjust to accommodate the content, whether it’s text, images, or other elements. This is particularly useful in scenarios where the length of the content may vary, such as in descriptions, notes, or comments fields.

By allowing rows to adjust their height automatically, Configurable Business Documents become more flexible and can better handle diverse content without sacrificing readability or aesthetics. It helps to ensure that documents generated from Dynamics 365 with Electronic Reporting present information in a clear and professional manner.

Read more about Configurable Business Documents by clicking below.

Is Electronic Reporting in D365 right for you?

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Lennart Garbarsch, Partner