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Tabellae wins 1st place on Top 100 list

From nr. 4 to 3 – to 1

The results of Computerworld’s annual Top 100 analysis are in…

Tabellae has just taken 1st place on the list of Denmark’s most talented IT companies in the industry category “EDH/ESDH suppliers”!

We’ve moved from the top 5 for several years to now being nr. 1 on the list in the category. More than 600 companies entered the race, and we’re thrilled to have gone from nr. 4 last year to now topping the list of companies providing document management solutions.

See how the overall industry category performed below.

Computerworld’s Top 100-analysis

The Top 100 survey provides a good overview of how the many companies in the Danish IT industry are doing, and it is thus also an important indicator of how the Danish IT industry is doing overall.

When Computerworld awards Denmark’s most talented IT companies, they measure based on four key figures:

1. Efficiency (operating profit/labor costs)
2. Good merchants (earning power)
3. Utilization of resources (return on investment)
4. Strong (growth compared to the previous year)

This year, the accounts of more than 600 Danish IT companies have been scrutinized. Tabellae positions itself well in a field filled with talented IT companies that we deeply respect. We’re proud of that.

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