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Prevent fraud and ERP breakdowns with document security

Cloud has shortened the implementation time and extended the operational period of ERP solutions. This increases the need for security prevention services.

Shorter implementation and longer operational period

Cloud-based platforms have reduced the need for large recurring update projects and time-consuming customizations. The implementation period for ERP projects is thus shortened, while the operational period is significantly longer than before.

To remain relevant in the eyes of your customers even after the system is up and running, it’s a good idea to consider what proactive and operational stabilization services you can offer your customers during the extended operational period.

Preventive services create long-lasting customer relationships

Tabellae offers preventive services, including:

  • Testing, Monitoring and Release management

This ensures that output management works smoothly and accommodates updates and extensions in the Evergreen environment. Tabellae also builds security against fraud and ransomware into the ERP solution and offers e.g:

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Digital signature on invoices
  • Two-factor authentication at relevant checkpoints
  • Secure storage of key data and documents

ERP house focuses on ERP – Tabellae handles the documents

The security of data and documents moving in and out of the ERP system is critical to business operations and continuity. Tabellae helps ERP houses handle Output Management so they can focus on core ERP competencies. Steffen Meyer has the following recommendations:

  1. Include security in the scoping phase.
  2. Incorporate security procedures against crashes and fraud.
  3. Offer value-added services during the operational period.

With relatively little effort, ERP houses can proactively help customers with value-added services that can lead to other projects over time.

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