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Lasernet for Dynamics 365 Business Central

The Swiss Army Knife that solves every problem imaginable

Document Management with Lasernet for D365 BC

Add even more value to your overall ERP solution with Lasernet for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC).

The software component, Lasernet, replaces coding in D365 BC, helping you work efficiently, support business processes and professionalize your communication.

Lasernet for D365 BC is software for designing, formatting and distributing outbound business documents and is fully integrated with Dynamics 365 BC. With Lasernet, you can:

  • Exchange documents in an efficient way
  • Easily customize documents to the recipient’s requirements. formats, data sources, content, integrations and more.
  • Minimize maintenance costs for ERP reports

Design documents in D365 BC with one tool

Lasernet for Dynamics 365 Business Central is an ISV solution for document management and can be integrated with any IT system, including CRM system, ERP system and SQL database.

When you create a document with Lasernet, you can see what’s being printed and easily manage page breaks and formatting. With Lasernet, you can:

  • Achieve professional branding across devices and countries with consistent layouts, logic, variations and attachments.
  • Quickly comply with new regulatory requirements and document standards if you expand or trade with multiple countries/entities.
  • Make a significant difference to the customer experience and bottom line with personal and product images and clear contact information

When is Lasernet relevant for D365 Business Central?

Lasernet for Dynamics 365 Business Central is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses that are integrated in both the cloud and on-premises environment. Whether you choose the Cloud edition or On-premise, you can access your business documents from anywhere.

Lasernet especially benefits the Business Central project during upgrades and major customizations, where the alternative is coding in BC or Report Definition Language Client (RDLC) by creating reports using Microsoft Reporting Technology.

How does Lasernet for Dynamics 365 Business Central work?

Lasernet is an ISV solution that complements D365 Business Central in the document area and can extend the document functions in Business Central to cover your company’s needs and your customers’ requirements for professional handling of ERP documents.

With Lasernet for Dynamics 365 Business Central you can:

  • Add extra data without having to customize the standard report and without coding.
  • Preview the document before emailing it.
  • Personalize the default email body and subject before the email is sent.
  • Distribute automatically.
  • Check formats for different customers and suppliers (e.g. OIOUBL, EDI, EHF, Word, Excel).
With Lasernet for D365 Business Central, you can extend document capabilities:
Same options for distributing the document
Same options for email distribution
Same options for distributing a printed document
Distribution option on account
Archive documents
Check formats for different customers and suppliers

Avoid coding reports in D365 BC with Lasernet

Coding documents directly in Dynamics Business Central or Report Definition Language Client (RDLC) is expensive. The ERP system is primarily designed to process and display data on screens. Its integrated Output Management feature that supports printing and document management typically has major functional limitations, is complex, inflexible and time-consuming to manage.

When upgrading, work is also typically lost because you code reports directly in D365 BC or RDLC through Microsoft Report Technology. Lasernet avoids this by creating, designing and formatting ERP output with drag and drop technology.

See easy how to guides with Lasernet and much more at our Technical Knowledge Base.

Tight integration to Dynamics

The Lasernet software component is a must for most Business Central ERP implementations and the software has a tight integration to Dynamics BC. Lasernet for D365 BC can also be used for the former NAV with module integration from:

  • Microsoft Navision
  • Dynamics NAV 2013
  • Dynamics NAV 2015
  • Dynamics NAV 2016
  • Dynamics NAV 2017
Is Lasernet right for you?

Contact me to schedule a free pre-analysis to find out if Lasernet is the optimal solution for you.

Lennart Garbarsch, Partner