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Knowledge sharing group

Connect with like-minded individuals who use the same specific ERP system as you

Free for all Tabellae customers

All Tabellae customers have the option to be part of a Knowledge sharing group relevant to their ERP system. Membership is free, and as a member you will receive regular email invitations to the next meeting.

Meetings 4 times a year

  • 2 physical days
  • 2 online meetings of approx. 1 hour.

Participants come from all over the country in Denmark, Sweden or Norway. Physical meetings therefore take place all over the country you live in.

Exchange of experience and knowledge sharing
Knowledge sharing groups are for those who work with Lasernet on a daily basis and want to participate in a professional network where you inspire each other to apply your solutions to new areas, optimize internal workflows and stay up to date on the latest trends.

Who’s attending?

Tabellae facilitates 3 different knowledge sharing group – one for each ERP system our customers use:

  • Dynamics Finance and Operations
  • Dynamics Business Central
  • AX2009/2012

There are 80 participants in the three groups, so there will always be plenty of like-minded people to share experiences and learn more about the exciting use of Lasernet and your ERP system.

Tabellae also always has at least one consultant who gives a presentation on a topic chosen by you, the members.

“The participants have different skills, which makes for good sparring, questions and cross-talk”

Mathilde K. Daugaard, BORG Automotive

Current topics – determined by you

The agenda is always based on professional topics chosen by the group members prior to the meeting.

These are typically current topics such as

  • Security
  • Global compliance
  • Best practices for an upcoming upgrade

We also always touch on challenges, solutions and business development so you can inspire each other as much as possible. The topics are presented as presentations from the host and/or Tabellae and then discussed in plenary. Depending on the number of participants, the dialog is held either in plenary or in smaller groups divided by industry.

The host invites you in

The knowledge sharing takes place where it really matters – in your companies, so you get a better understanding of each other’s businesses and how Lasernet and your ERP system support them.

The host provides insight into the company
At each meeting, you will gain insight into the host’s business and how their ERP system and Lasernet support business-critical processes in the company. It takes the form of a presentation in a meeting room with a screen and a tour of the company, where we encourage dialog and exchange of experiences. There’s also plenty of opportunity to ask questions and spar with like-minded people.

Tabellae contributes specialist knowledge
Tabellae experts also give a presentation on add-on modules and functionality that can optimize your business – the topic is determined by the participants.

What does it take?

The expected outcome depends on what you bring to the group. The more exciting solutions and inputs you come up with, the more you can expect to get back from the rest of the group. It’s expected:

  • that before each meeting you have thought about 3 questions, challenges or opportunities you want answers to
  • that you actively participate in the dialogs
  • that you provide input from your company.

In return, you can look forward to lots of mutual inspiration, sparring and exchange of advice.

Get a hold of each other easily

It’s easy to get in touch
AllĀ group members are invited to a Teams channel where you can share contact information, experiences, questions and input for meetings.

Why join the knowledge sharing group?
As a new Lasernet user, you expand your network with relevant professionals who share the same daily challenges as you. For example, when going live with a new ERP system and associated ISV solutions, there may be small errors or inconsistencies that need to be corrected, which experienced users can help with.

Instead, as an experienced user, you’ll get inspiration for new applications and opportunities that you can implement in your organization.

Want to join?

Tabellae’s knowledge sharing groups are completely free for you as a Tabellae customer. You are not obliged to participate every time and you can unsubscribe at any time. Send me an email and

Join one of the following groups:

  • Dynamics 365 FO ERFA group
  • Dynamics 365 BC ERFA group
  • AX2009/2012 ERFA group
Kristian Truesen, Key Account Manager