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Internship at Tabellae

Start your career in an international growth company

5-6 months with broad experience and job opportunities

Tabellae is undergoing massive growth that has necessitated a professionalization and effort to create synergy between the company’s departments and processes, such as between marketing, sales, work orders, project delivery, customer support and accounting.

In order to further develop the business, we need to track data and use data insights in an optimal way. That’s why we are looking for a new colleague who can help us utilize our Microsoft Dynamics suite – e.g:

  • Optimize internal business and processes
  • Customize your dashboard and views
  • Improve the use of data across our departments
  • Can do qualitative and quantitative data collection, management, organization and analysis

About you

We are looking for a talented and passionate student.

We imagine you:

  • are studying a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Economics & IT, Business Administration, Information Systems, International Business, Computer Sciences or similar.
  • have good communication skills in English
  • have a positive mindset and personal drive
  • are technically oriented
  • is analytical, systematic and process-oriented

The internship can be tailored to your areas of interest and skills, such as project management, consulting or marketing. We also offer to tailor a growth program for you by emphasizing your existing skills and learning goals.

“At Tabellae, mistakes are allowed. I’ve been given responsibility right from the start.
My perspective is taken seriously and I’ve been able to play an important role in exciting projects”

What you get with an internship

Our internships are designed to meet your individual interests, ambitions and goals. You get:

  • Close involvement with our three full-time employees who joined Tabellae as interns from KEA
  • A tailored development plan for you
  • Regular one-to-one meetings
  • Insights and broad opportunities across job areas
  • Benefits such as free massages, lunch, drinks and employee gifts
  • Possibility of long-term employment in one of our branches afterwards

You will receive extensive training at the beginning of your employment.

5-6 months – and a job potentially waiting afterwards

We see the internship as the start of a hopefully long-term collaboration and hope that you will want to continue your journey at Tabellae. During your internship, you will gain broad experience and be able to handle several different job types.

Depending on where you are in your education, you can either start as a full-time employee or a student assistant after completing your internship. Together we design the job and your role to fit your skills and interests.

Tabellae as a workplace

We offer an exciting position in a company where customer focus, professionalism, employee satisfaction and entrepreneurship are key values and where decisions are made quickly. Your colleagues will be located in our offices in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Portugal, Germany and the USA.

Tabellae was founded in Denmark in 2010, and today we are the largest and fastest growing provider of document management solutions in the world with experience from +600 implementation projects. We implement professional external documents that comply with our customers’ requirements from their customers, suppliers and public authorities.

How to apply

New interns can start all year round, but typically it will be in January/February or August/September according to the Danish educational institutions. We adapt to your wishes.
Duration: 30-37 hours/week for 5-6 months with good pay.

If you find Tabellae’s internships relevant as part of your education, please send an application and CV to or contact our COO, Stefan Reina, at for more information about our internships.

Stefan Reina, Chief Operating Officer and Partner