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How to get started with Configurable Business Documents

– the right way

Get started the right way

Microsoft’s Configurable Business Documents (CBD) solution for Electronic Reporting (ER) is for the basic ERP Output needs. It comes with some configurations and templates that you can already use, but these have some shortcomings.

Therefore, Tabellae has developed a best practice package that solves all of these shortcomings, so you can get started with Electronic Reporting the right way. We have made a video guide, where we take you through:

  • A demo within Dynamics own website, where you can see Electronic Reporting Workspace, how to import the necessary Microsoft configurations for the out-of-the-box solution and the derived Tabellae configurations plus how to set up the ER destinations and the Print Management configurations
  • A detailed document comparison (made with CBD vs. Tabellae Best Practice)
  • Shortcomings in Microsoft’s package and how Tabellae solved these
  • What’s included and how to get started with our best practice package

Configure Electronic Reporting in D365

In this video guide, our consultant Malte Lauridsen will teach you how to get started with Microsoft Configurable Business Documents for Electronic Reporting – the right way.

What is CBD or Electronic Reporting?

CBD is Configurable Business Documents, also known as Electronic Reporting (ER). This is a workspace within Dynamics where you can configure and create your own templates for the documents that you need.

It’s an add on to Microsoft Dynamics Finance and Operations / Supply Chain Management where you get:

  • reports you can configure as you like
  • clean financial documents
  • a license free, stable solution for non-changing documents
  • a great solution, if there’s no need for global rollouts

Read more about Configurable Business Documents by clicking below.

Is Configurable Business Documents for D365 right for you?

Get a free pre-analysis to ensure you get the right software for the job.

Get a solution that’s neither too small nor too big, but fits your ERP project. Contact me to schedule a time for a pre-analysis to learn more about whether Configurable Business Documents for Dynamics 365 is right for you.

Lennart Garbarsch, Partner