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Synchronization of data

When you change data in the ERP system, it will automatically be reflected on the website with data synchronization.

Easy data synchronization

Don’t waste time making changes to both your ERP system and your website.

With the Lasernet software component, you can make changes that take effect everywhere. When you change data in the ERP system, it’s automatically reflected on the website – that way your data is always synchronized.

Synchronized data between ERP and web

For PNO, the largest transport trailer rental and sales company in the Nordics, the business case is clear – they can now make changes in 5 minutes. rather than spending 4-5 effective man-hours on the changes.

For PNO, Trailercheck is one of the most time-saving initiatives. Here, PNO can change data in the ERP system, and it will then be reflected on the website. This way, rental customers can instantly see pictures of any damage, trailer availability, etc.

“It’s a great and useful document. We also like the traceability – for example, when following up on debtor payments. We can see who has sent an invoice, when and to whom. You can’t do that properly in Dynamics”

Robert Vestergaard, Group Project Manager, PNO

Synchronizing data can create paychecks

Lasernet is a hybrid integration solution that can exchange files/data – internally and externally – between systems. For example, you can create pay slips with Lasernet, as international transportation company Kim Johansen Transport Group (KJTG) did.

KJTG extracted data from the payroll system and put it into a spreadsheet and then used Lasernet to create payslips in PDF format for each country and driver. The payslips are then posted on KJTG’s driver portal, so drivers can access and view them online.

Carsten Eickhardt, IT Manager at KJTG, is therefore very pleased to have adopted Laseret for these tasks: “It is a flexible and versatile tool that I believe is relevant every time a document needs to be converted from one format to another and distributed digitally”.

Get an overview of the applications

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