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Carlsberg Partners with Tabellae

Carlsberg and Tabellae are now collaborating on a tailored solution for the brewery giant’s global ERP rollout.


When the brewery giant Carlsberg embarks on the deployment of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in 16 new markets, it will do so with Danish company Tabellae as a close ally.

The Output Management aspect, which involves handling critical business documents such as invoices, order forms, and shipping documents, will be entrusted to a Danish specialist team from Tabellae, one of the largest consulting firms in this field.

The agreement with Carlsberg is the latest deal inked by Tabellae. Their client list already includes over 600 companies globally, all of which share the characteristic that their needs in the Output Management area do not fit into a standard framework.

The right team

“We standardize and automate many processes so that we can more agilely adapt to changing business and market needs. It’s incredibly important to assemble the right team from the outset for a project of this magnitude.

We chose Tabellae because of their many years of experience with Output Management, a critical business area. They have a vast catalog of cases showing their ability to design global solutions that can be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365,” says Biljana Stepanovic, senior IT project manager at Carlsberg, in a press release.

Cross-Border Collaboration

Most companies have individual business needs in the countries where they operate, especially in fields like invoicing, distribution methods, and document formats, which have specific regulations and requirements.

This applies to Carlsberg, which aims to create a global template for all document management across borders. Tabellae will provide an Output Management solution based on Formpipe Lasernet software, allowing Carlsberg to meet its requirements without having to develop a solution from scratch.

Tabellae’s solution will enable the brewery to collaborate with its customers regardless of location and respond quickly to changing market demands. Among other benefits, the solution will allow Carlsberg to establish a central library of standardized documents that can be automatically adapted to the needs and regulations of individual countries.

“Having Carlsberg join our client list underscores the need for professional Output Management solutions in the Dynamics 365 market, both locally and globally”

CEO in Tabellae, Lennart Garbarsch.

The consultancy employs 70 specialists across six offices in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Germany, and the USA.

Carlsberg has recently begun implementing Dynamics 365 and rolling out the global Output Management template in Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, and Hungary.