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Business case

Economic comparison of solutions on the market

What are the economics of an ERP project?

Output Management is a small but risky area that can derail an ERP project. ERP documents are easily underestimated as a small task, but this increases the risk of errors and patchwork solutions.

In this whitepaper you can see:

  • Timeframe and cost of ERP Output Management implementation with Tabellae Best Practice – for 3 different sized companies
  • How to go live on time and on budget with a documented project plan
  • Estimated ongoing savings and payback time
Download whitepaper

Download whitepaper

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    Get a direct comparison of Lasernet, coding directly in ERP (SSRS) and Microsoft
    Configurable Business Documents.

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    With just a little information from you, we can make a relatively accurate assessment of the expected payback time when using different types of software.

    Lennart Garbarsch, Partner