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House Nordic

“We expect happier customers and more accepted quotes”

House Nordic has a strong customer focus and have been on a digitalization journey with new ERP, new documents and redesign of the webshop. All to be able to support the many and diverse customers even better. The employees have pulled together, repetitive typing tasks have been eliminated, and manual processes have been automated. And House Nordic probably has the industry’s most beautiful, efficient documents.

About House Nordic

Danish House Nordic creates furniture and home interiors in a Nordic design. The family-run company was established in 2017 and has approx. 40 employees. The company sells through retailers in more than 40 different markets and has a broad customer base, from small webshops to large furniture stores.

The company runs Dynamics 365 Business Central – Cloud version.

Technical and commercial interaction

“Everything the customer sees must have some commercial effect”. Heidi Thingholm realized the importance of a design company sending out professionally branded documents to customers early on. E.g. a quote report with nice brand images as well as invoices and credit notes with customers’ item texts and item numbers. The difference is noticeable:

  • Better service
  • More accepted quotes
  • Fewer support questions

Heidi Thingholm originally designed the quote template in InDesign, but the work of maintaining the templates became too extensive, e.g. when new products were to be included and others deleted. “We needed to be able to easily enter an order and make a nice quote document. We can do that now with Lasernet”.

Chosen due to individualization options

House Nordic chose Lasernet in connection with the upgrade to Dynamics 365 BC. IT Manager Rune Limkilde says “The standard documents in Business Central did not live up to our wishes at all, in terms of what we wanted to offer our customers. We could choose to pay a developer to code the documents, and every time we wanted to make an adjustment, we would pay even more. That’s when we chose to look for alternatives. We considered a few options, but chose Lasernet due to the flexibility and the option of individual adjustments to content and layout”.

“It is important for us to be able to send individually adapted documents that provide good service, strengthen the brand and enable us to onboard more customers”.

Rune Limkilde, IT Manager, House Nordic

Customer wishes can be fulfilled

Heidi Thingholm says: “It is important for us to listen to the needs of our customers. We want to adapt and make their everyday life easier. With our new ERP system, we have taken the first steps towards easing a lot of processes. We currently have 11 documents streamlined via Lasernet, and the number is growing. Among other things, the following has been optimized:

  • We can print a packing slip that consists of several orders. Instead of adding them together in Excel, we can do it automatically from Lasernet – at the click of a single button.
  • We can accommodate those customers who want customer references on the document, as this can now be solved manually.
  • Customers can get their own layout on the delivery notes which is a competitive advantage


  • More accepted quotes
  • Better customer service and overview of products
  • Fewer support questions, as relevant information is provided from the start
  • Fewer support requests
  • Happy colleagues in the warehouse

EDI: fixed price

For House Nordic, there is great opportunities in EDI, with both current and future customers.

“That you get EDI with Lasernet at the same fixed price, regardless of the number of documents, was a big factor in the decision. We have diverse customers with different needs. We can better service those with small orders in the future, and we can get more customers onboarded on EDI solutions. With this setup, we feel equipped to solve any challenge in the future,” the two conclude.